9 Incredibly Tasty Spaghetti Dishes (Vegan)

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These are our best ever spaghetti recipes that are all 100% VEGAN! These spaghetti dishes are so delicious and easy to make at home.

Sometimes a big bowl of spaghetti is all you need! In this video we how you how to make:

Creamy Garlic Mushroom Pasta
Hummus Pasta
Puttanesca Pasta
Creamy Seaside Spaghetti
Baba Ganoush Pasta
Creamy Carbonara
Purple Pasta
Easy Peasy Pesto Pasta

These pasta recipes are easy and a lot of them are quick to whip up as well. We take inspiration from Italian and Middle Eastern foods for these recipes and they’ve turned out amazing.

Feel free to switch out the spaghetti for any pasta you may have at home. Whether it’s penne, linguini, macaroni, fusilli or tagliatelle they’ll all work amazingly!

Our personal favourites are the hummus pasta and the creamy carbonara, which one is yours?! Let us know in the comments.

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Society Bye says:

These all look really good. Will be trying them out

Kawther Almayahi says:

Incredible recipes
Cant wait to try them all

The Peripatetic Accrescent says:

Dang! I want to taste that soo bad….

Luke Arengo-Jones says:

they all look so good, but that pea one has to be the peasta resistace

J Daly says:

This is by far the best vegan channel. Awesome presentation and incredible variety. Thank you thank you thank you 💚💝💚💝

Lee O'Connor says:

Those serving bowls are too small for such deliciousness!!! 🙂 can't wait to try.

Wakky Wabbit says:

Pasta is usually made from commercially prepared wheat which is not vegan. It's impossible to process wheat flour for commercial use without animal contamination.

M Rowling says:

I love that there’s not a lot of talking and recipes are great.

InvincibleIgnorance says:

Is rocket lettuce arugula?

Carmen Rodriguez says:

Really great recipes and getting tired of always negative comments…..too much dishes, not enough dishes, to much oil, to much whatever…adjust how you like it or don't watch or comment…

김혜령 says:

파스타는 엄마표요리 죠 푸짐하게 배풀어 주었습니다

김혜령 says:

한국 약간장 은 200년산도 있죠 명문귀족 가문의 간장이죠 돈으로 못 바꾸죠

김혜령 says:

크림이 너무 많으면 느끼하죠

Cryssie jonz says:

All these spaghetti recipes look sooo amazingly delicious

Dawn Singh says:

I absolutely love this video!!!!

Maz R says:

Is there a reason why you always use Olive Oil and not Rapeseed Oil?

Chris Stewart says:

Please don't take this as is offensively is a sounds. My greatest compliment is this stuff looks like good s*** I worked in food service for at least 25 years and your food looks amazing I just recently turned vegan and I've been looking for alternatives to just about everything I'm not looking for me free placements I'm looking for Life replacements positive food to enhance my life and these are some of the better recipes I've ever seen yeah I know this is one long sentence but I don't care your food looks great thank you

Gina O’Neill says:

So inventive boys. 👍🏻🙂

Sandra says:

Bosh 👍❤

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