FOR THE ANIMALS – A Message to Vegetarians

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Isn’t it strange that in speaking up for animals, some people get really offended. Isn’t it even stranger that those who get most angry seem to be vegetarians. Lets discuss.

FOR THE ANIMALS – A Message to Vegetarians

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• LOLLI • V says:

A lot of us vegetarians believed our choices didn’t harm animals, and that we weren’t causing or contributing to the death of innocent beings. I was helping somehow, I thought!

Oh, if only I knew twenty years ago what i know now. To think I spent so many years buying “happy” eggs, and milk and cheese blindly, thinking they were totally harmless. I even believed vegans were too extreme!!!! Thought what would I eat if I couldn’t have cheese anymore?! Surprisingly as a vegan I eat more variety than I ever did before. And I can do it knowing for certain that no beautiful beings are purposely and intentionally exploited on my behalf.

This video says it all, Paul and you said it perfectly 👏🏼 I hope it is shared far and wide, as this truth is ignored and hidden, leading us to believe we’re doing our bit and leading so many animals into a life of abuse. Lid needs to be blown off this misleading and cruel industry of death and dishonesty – I reckon this vid will have that effect. Already seen vegetarians recognising the truth and going vegan after your very honest and moving post today. You can’t help but be moved by that description of the dairy industry if you have any compassion at all.

Thank you for all you do Paul & Jas x 🙏🏼💚😘

Richard Benham says:

Love this , and so true about bruised egos. Hear it all the time disguised as "banter" . Thank you Paul 💚🐾

Ben McGrath says:

Hi Paul I couldn't be vegan because of my food allergies

Rainbow Vegans Rock says:

I completely missed this video, this is so important though! I was the same as you Paul, for years a veggie, brought up a vegetarian in fact and I used to buy happy eggs etc thinking that I was helping. The battery cages that were replaced with the new cages years ago, the new cages are a postcard sized difference (per cage) than the battery cages. 😲

I didn't make the connection with dairy cows until I started breastfeeding my first child. I've even had a farmer's son say to me that he thought cows didn't have to be pregnant to produce milk. Clearly he was sheltered from that aspect of it…

A friend of mine has started buying Oato oat milk from a local dairy and she's given it in drinks cereal etc to her family and they haven't even noticed.

I went vegan right after having a conversation with a vegan in my old job, he said that dairy is bad for us and at that point I believed that full fat dairy was good for you – As soon as I realised I was wrong, I obviously apologised to him and went vegan. Sorry for the essay, I just had a lot to say. 😁

J M says:

Thank you so much for the information…. Knowledgeable is power !! Your awesome!! 💕💕

Emma W says:

Not fully vegan, but slowly getting there I've cut down my dairy by half, barely eat eggs and cheese anymore. Your videos make me realise you don't need it there's other alternatives out there its about finding the right one. I don't drink cows milk either. I'm also educating family about veggie/vegan food too its working :).

I dont feel attacked being vegetarian, I feel educated more than anything its videos this that makes me push to become vegan. Going to give it my best shot from this video onwards

Toms Office says:

All eggs are cruel.

I’m just back from the Highlands of Scotland. There was an honesty shack there where you could go in and leave money for the eggs that were taken.
Now these hens really were free range. There was hundreds of hens running around on acres of lush fields with trees. It was like a hen festival. In terms of living arrangements these hens were living in hen Nirvana.
But for a hen to continually lay an egg it has to produce calcium which it takes from its body. Take an egg from a brooding hen it will automatically lay another taking even more calcium.
So no matter how happy the hens seem to be there is still a consequence to the hens health.
As for plant based milk, barista plant based mills don’t curdle. x


I love the genuine eyes you have ! Looking into my soul!!! Excellent video I sent it to my mom! Thanks 👍


My mom came to Barcelona to visit me this weekend just gone !! and we went to vegan restaurants and she was vegan the entire weekend with me !!!! We had vegan eggs( scramble tofu and vegan meat etc ….. ) Also , she only drinks almond milk back home in Ireland so it's a start!!!!!! I hope she goes vegan but she's 62 and stubborn!


I was never veggie, I went straight from meat eater to vegan overnight.

The Fifty Plus Influencer says:

I have watched the whole of this video (many wouldn't) and I want to say thank you, because I have loved listening to you.

Lady Audrey says:

Well said Paul – go vegan 💚

G M says:

Great educational video 💚
I cried when I saw a video showing a farmer stealing a cow’s calf and putting the calf into a van.
The cow was running after her baby and was clearly distressed.
I asked a dairy farmer what happened to the boy calves…
They have a few days in the petting pens so the public can stroke them and then they are sent for slaughter was his reply.
They make sure there’s no time for a bond to be created.
The truth is…
Cows are repeatedly raped in order to keep milk production taking place.
Dairy is the biggest con ever!
Human’s have been told that milk from a different species is even needed by humans that have been weaned off their mother’s milk and are on solids.
Watch ‘Cowspiracy’.
Animals are not food!

Raven Eve Byfleet says:

I've been vegan for a year and a half now and I too didn't know the truth about milk , the dairy industry is the worst , cows are herd animals just like elephants in the wild the babies grow up and stay with the mother and the rest of the family , the mother mourns when they take her baby away 😔
' Not your mum not your milk.' Aquafaba (water from canned chickpeas) is great egg replacer i made fake eggy bread , some great recipes online and you can use Aquafaba in cakes too 😋

Ally Nicola says:

I really hope this hits home and will change some people’s attitudes towards eating eggs and dairy.
I agree with the person who mentioned you doing a podcast..I’d love to hear you, Jason and Stuart chatting on a plethora of subjects. 💚

Lynby says:

The nightmare existence for so many animals literally haunts me. There are so many vegan choices out there, it’s easy to be vegan. I avoid vegan cheese though, can’t find one I can eat

Sue says:

Wow, a powerful message … and very well put over. I threw myself in at the deep end 11 years ago. A long-time vegetarian moving onto a smallholding. We started with chickens, got rare breed pigs and while my husband ate his way through the stock and sold them to others, mostly for breeding, I learned all about them . I gave them the names they deserved and lived with them and for them. One trip to the slaughterhouse was all it took for me to realise the massive mistake I had been indoctrinated into as a child. I recognised the bare chicken bodies on the supermarket shelves as kindred spirits to my 'ladies', I watched the chicks hatch and follow their family groups around. I learned so much as the pigs raised and nurtured their young and the intelligence that they all had. And I knew I could longer be part of any of this. Veganuary 2017 was my starting point, and although there were a few blips I am proud to say that I am vegan … for the planet, for my health and most importantly of all for the animals. Keep talking you are spreading such an important message. 💚💖💚💖💚

MrsB 269 says:

So true, I honestly thought I was doing no harm as a vegetarian. Blissfully unaware for over 20 years. Vegucated turned me vegan in an instant. Never looked back and wished I did it sooner

Heather Pressley 71 says:

When I became vegan my eyes were truly open to all these hidden cruelty that humans do to these sentient beings. I always thought Cows lived a happy life and produced milk 🥛 naturally. Paul your videos are awesome and I am definitely sharing with everyone . I am so glad I am vegan , and proud to tell everyone I know.Do you follow Esther the Wonder Pig on Facebook,Twitter,etc I came across her one day on Facebook, and fell in ♥️with her. That was when I had the light bulb moment , and the very next day became Vegan.
Her two Daddies changed their lives and became Vegan & opened – Happily Ever Esther Farm Sanctuary in Canada to rescue abused Farm animals & to raise awareness. Check their Sanctuary Facebook page too!!!
L♥️VE you Paul & Jason keep up the Fantastic work , your channel ROCKS!!!!! 🌈🌈🌈🐖🐽🐷👍👍👍

Sascha Thinius says:

Well done Paul!
if you think all of the factors through, veganism is the only logical solution…

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