You Will Never Cook BROCCOLI the Same!

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Today’s video is all about showing my techniques and a new recipe style to help your broccoli taste amazing. With my twist on a traditional bang bang sauce, this tempura broccoli is crave-worthy!


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Bangkoknik says:

You are sexy.

Remus Lupin says:

Just discovered this YouTube channel today… Wouldn't "edgy veggie" be better?

The Clever Biotch says:

Excuse me!!!!!!!! I literally ran into my kitchen and made this immediately. It is outstanding. Everyone- even my non vegan i hate veggies kiddo loved it.

Brian B says:

Could you use a peanut butter substitute for allergies and what do you suggest?

Shawna Staggenborg says:

Finally not cauliflower! I hate that stuff lol

Michelle Maistry says:

Definitely going to try out this recipe .
Thank you for the upload

Lindsay Deguzman says:

Id have to find a gluten free and corn free option. But still looks yum maybe rice flour?. That and I really like when the recipe is also in the decription box or maybe the top comment. It's nice to be able to access it when actually cooking the dish.

Michajeru says:

This looks really good.

Old Grizz says:

Not only loved the recipe but loved the outfit as well.

erkanbatti says:

i hate OKRA i cannot even touch that hairy thing

Hailey S says:

AHHH! I requested this! Thank you so much for recreating one of my favourite meals! I can finally fulfill my planta craving 🙂 amazing video as always

Kasaundra83 says:

Can this be made in an air fryer?! This looks amazing

Kevin Sturges says:

Does frying the broccoli in coconut oil make it unhealthy?

Kevin Sturges says:

Great idea. I must try this! I recently discovered your channel and subscribed to you. So much good information here.

Heather Hodson says:

I would love to see you try to make tuna casserole! I tried with chickpeas but didn't quite get the right combination of ingredients.

Silva Babie says:

I would love if you could concoct a delicious recipe using beets? Annnnnnd go!

2702 00 says:

Make something with bell peppers !! Don’t like them at all unfortunately

Queentina Roberts says:

I literally just finished eating chicken flavored bar-b-que cauliflower that was fantastic I will definitely try this.

Joanne Monaco says:

Hi Candace! Thank you for this channel and your awesome cookbook. We had the ramen tonight…double triple plus good! Tomorrow we will have the buffalo cauliflower. I enjoy your videos and I am reading your cookbook like a novel. Im so happy I found your channel. Would you please make beets something I want to eat? I find them too earthy, they taste like dirt to me. I know that they are very healthy to eat, I’d love to love them.

Heidi Cecilie says:

I love it, but I have no idea how to prepare artichokes! Please help me out 😉

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