5 meals I eat each week » vegan & healthy

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00:00 Intro
00:34 Comforting oatmeal: http://bit.ly/classicoatmeal
01:32 Buckwheat pancakes: http://bit.ly/best-buckwheat-pancakes
03:12 My go-to hummus sandwich: https://bit.ly/go-to_hummus_sandwich
04:00 Cauliflower lentil curry: http://bit.ly/cauliflower-lentil-curry
05:53 Gado gado stir fry: http://bit.ly/vegan-gado-gado
07:57 Outro + Wix

🌱 Homemade #vegan nutella: https://bit.ly/PUL_nutella
🌱 Home hummus recipes: https://bit.ly/PUL_hummus_recipes
🌱 Coconut Thai curry: http://bit.ly/2xatDrM-thaicurry
🌱 Coconut red lentil daal: http://bit.ly/2BNvt32

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❤ Sadia


Pick Up Limes says:

Did you see what happened at 0:44? Sooo here’s the thing: I like to take strategic bites of my oatmeal, getting a bit of each topping onto the spoon, but sir Robin just mixes everything together from the get-go. Whaaa!? I think he’s a bit crazy… but maybe I’m the one that’s crazy? Which camp are you in? Strategic bites, or the mix-and-swirl?

Smile at the World Spiritual Tribe says:

Thanks for motivating me to eat healthier!

The Halal Hippie says:

Really loved the cauliflower curry recipe! I didn't have brown lentils so added some red and let them cook before adding the rest of the ingredients. I also added a handful of cashew nuts and some freshly chopped parsley and coriander right at the end. I loved the mix of spices you used! It was so flavourful, thank you! 😊

Aqsa Pervez says:

I just made the coconut cauliflower lentil curry with a twist of my own and my body is literally thanking me for all the nutrition. It's so satisfying and hearty. I love it!!!

pixie1310 says:

how do you keep you almond butter so creamy? It get hard in the fridge.

beka louis says:

Wish i could like more than 1 time only😂😢… Everytime i hear you say something calming, soothing, passionate or interesting,i go back to the like button wanting to hit a million time then realise i already did… 😂

Esztella Kaskötő says:

Thank you for this video. You were talking about 2 things what I am about to do. I am planning to go vegan and I would love to start a blog. Both of them are adventurous I think 😊

priti patel says:

Thank you for your pan cake recipe. Will definitely try.God bless and keep sharing your knowledge on food wisdom.

Jessica Grewe says:

Those sandwiches look Delish!!

Miss Organik says:

I'm not vegan but this is probably one of my fav YT channels. YUM!

Mary Higgins says:

Oh .. I am so hungry now!!!❤️

Turóczi Zsófia says:

Hi, is there anyone else who eats warm dishes for lunch and cold for dinner, or just me? 😀 So the sandwich for dinner for me… Greetings from Hungary!

Masoud Abdi says:

I always prefer carnivor diet😊

coconutty says:

My favorite meals- peanut butter & jelly, tofu & veggie stir fry, tofu summer rolls, any noodle dish!

Keila Williams says:

Since I hate thinking about breakfast, it tends to be the same go-to's. Loaded toast; either peanut butter, banana, agave, hemp and sesame seeds or pesto or hummus with sautéed veggies and/or avocado, tomato, balsamic vinegar, a bit of olive oil and salt… also with seeds on top. I always have it with a smoothie or fresh squeezed juice. If I'm feeling fancy, I'll make tacos. Chorizo con papa being my favorite.

Holly says:

Why pick up limes?

Nikmatul Munawaroh says:

Oh hi, Ms. Sadia. I'm Indonesian. And how proud I am knowing that you know Gado-gado as an Indonesian food. And I agree with you, that this food is awesome. I hope, I can see your video when you are visit Indonesia. ❤️❤️❤️

betty morales says:

I enjoy very much all your recipes, i used to put oil in my meals, you do it in many dishes. some Dr say is bad for you. what is the truth since you are a nutritionist. thank you and keep making more recipes

S&S Spice it Up! says:

Sadiya, your videos are always so heart warming and inspiring. We love how you share these beautiful vegan meals, please keep doing this. ☺🙏🏽💚

Piglets bank says:

I love pancakes🥞 with peanutbutter🥜 a bit of salt and pumkensseeds or grated dark chocolate😋 as breakfast lunch or snack. As snack a cup of creamy "yoghurt" of any sort with a handful of fresh mintleafs chopped up very fine and the juice of half a lime with something sweet to taste, stevia in my case just mixed all together . Leave it for 30 min or longer and you have a refreshing snack. You can use dried mint but than at 1-2 table spoons of water because the dried mint soaks up the moisture. Enjoy!

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