Is The Mazda MX5 Mk3 The Black Sheep Of MX5s? (2014 NC 25th Anniversary Road Test)

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The Mazda MX5 biggest asset is its simplicity, with minimal power, technology or complications. So is the bigger, heavier, more complex and more comfortable NC MX5 even worthy of the badge…?
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Thanks to Mazda UK for loan of the MX5 Mk3.

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I've got the 25th anniversary mx5 as in the video……. but mine has the BBR 300bhp conversion plus ohlins coil over up grade! More fun than any of the high power rear wheel drive Skylines, Supras and 911's i've owned and at fraction of the cost!

oldatarigamer says:

The NC got a bad rap not because it was a bad Miata, but mostly because there were two generations prior that didn't change much and the NC was a fresh take. The car was a 8X Car and Driver Top 10, more wins than any other Miata.

C A says:

I'm afraid they still rust specially underneath

Che7wins says:

Has to be NA model MX5 if you’re a purist.

Whatever says:

The power hard top and able to fit a larger person definitely make it the best Mx5 by far. I can't fit in the other 3 gens. With the hard top down it is still a true convertible, unlike the ND. The NA and NB only have rag tops. NC will skyrocket in price, especially with that power hard top.

John_Dee14 says:

'Real world terms' huh? I'd rather keep believing what I always have, thank you very much. Seriousness aside, good review!

W G says:

The NC was frowned upon by the Miata purists for years. Now,because of reviews like yours they are getting their just praise. They used to be a better value here in the U.S.,but now the prices have gone way up. I have a 2008 PRHT and really enjoy it. It goes into storage every winter and has no rust. There are also many aftermarket performance upgrades for this model that really improve it. Fun,reliable and inexpensive to own,how can you beat that?

Will Welch says:

I think through the years time has been especially kind to the MX5. It's matured but still cheeky and more than capable as being a fun roadster. I'd have one of these and proudly display it on the driveway for all to see 👍🏻

Michael Viljoen says:

It’s my favourite of the lot. Great design.

Geonauta says:

The 2000£ MK3 are actually more rusty than an NB ,even more expensive to repair with a lot of suspension arm and links

OchAyetheGNU says:

I was 100% with you right up until you said Mk3s don’t rust. They are very much part of the MX-5 tradition in that regard.

Huw Dolphin says:

Brilliant cars, better than the earlier models and frankly the PRHT is the best unless you happen to be obsessed with weight.

Mark Griffin says:

Totally agree had 2 NAs and 2 NC s love it so much I got another makes me smile every drive mark from nz

robtt says:

I have had two Nc . First the full fat PHRT two litre version from 2011. Sold that as I got virtually what I paid for it after two years ownership. But I missed it ! So saw a 1.8 2007 soft top for sale on FB Marketplace . Only 23000 miles and local. Half the price of the one I just sold so I had to have it! Didn’t I ? It is slower but lighter . It still is great fun because you get rev the nuts off it and not be going silly speeds. It’s great round corners which is the thing I love the most. It’s also really well built and reliable .It is far and away more fun the the 300bhp four wheel drive Cupra which is my daily driver .

Colin Meechan says:

Yes, they do rust. Great car though it is, check the floor just in front of the rear wheel arches. Mines was high mileage but it had 2 holes the size of a golf ball by the time it was 10 years old. At the very least, all untreated Mk3’s will have brown discolouration in this area.

Richard Carter says:

The Mk3 is great value, especially with that electric top.

John Wainwright says:

I've driven MX5s for over 20 years and had NAs, NBs and now have an NC. They're all fantatsic cars and different in their own ways. I love my current NC (a 2012 2.0 PRHT Sport Black…pretty much the same spec as the one featured). It is a far better daily than the earlier models albeit not quite as edgy or raw. The only issue I would take with Joe's review is that sadly they do rust quite badly. However, most owners today tend to get them rust-proofed from their first days of ownership, I know I did. All in all a great fun, practical, reliable and reasonably cheap two seater roadster.

Julian Owens says:

Sold, I’d love one
Great video thank you

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