Keith Eats Everything At Subway

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Who’s ready to eat fresh?! Watch Keith eat everything at Subway in this episode of #EatTheMenu! Get Keith’s hot sauce today:
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Heidi says:

I want to watch: "Keith goes to a European Subway and finds out that Subway actually can taste good, especially when chicken breast is actually real chicken breast, and the bread ain't ruined by tons and tons of sugar."

Macarena Díaz says:

Where is the white chocolate chip macadamia cookie 🙁 thts my fav

Mahlia 007 says:

Bearded Eugene is so hot

ChronicXD says:

Cookies are the best thing on Subway menu

Tony Marco says:

i bought the burger sauce and taco sauce. it sucks. don't do it

Tony Marco says:

why do the try guys let keith do videos on his own? most annoying thing ever. I'm going back to dude perfect or just literally nothing would be better

Badoinke says:

I know they have to criticize the food but It's never really mentioned how the workers always have to make all of this at once while taking other orders lol

Rhythm Gomez says:

That Subway bread looks so different from every Subway I've gone to :-;

Also.. 21:50

Edit: also also I've just realized this was seven months ago and I've never seen this one but I've recently been craving Subway…

pedrola182 says:

keith: complains that the bread is overwhelming
also keith: doesnt get any condiments to fill the sandwich

Maria Trujillo says:

Love this while I’m working and downside I’m hungry now lol

Justin Jacobson says:

Eugene coming in preaching the truth. Of course all the sandwiches are boring. There's no condiments / veggies on any of the sandwiches lol. There's a reason why the special all veggies sandwich was the best, because it had the best parts of Subway xD

Jordyn Houston says:

Idk what “Midwest” you’re talking about but in Iowa every graduation party here has pulled pork

Jay Titan says:

Subway is the best depends on your location

Jillian Fipps says:

Publix <3

nethkenm says:

The thing about subway is the order in which you create your sandwich. For example, with the meatball, you want to toast your bread with cheese before applying the meatballs and add green peppers, spinach, and onion while everything is still warm. Or with the steak sandwiches, add cheese, onion, and bell pepper under cheese and toast, then add steak and seasoning

imlil says:

If you haven't tried the raspberry cookie, its gon change your life😘👌

imlil says:

NOOOO you gotta do the teriyaki with cheese, lettuce, green pepper, onion and PICKLE🤤🤤 and add sweet onion sauce

crumpt says:

he is obnoxious

Peter Bardy says:

Subway worker Jumanne Way posted a series of videos on social media where he films himself walking through food, drinking from Gatorade bottles and arranging meat and tomatoes on the restaurant’s toilet.

Dante Fazio says:

My grandfather knew the guy who invented subway. My grandfathers office was across the street from the subway location. The guy who started subway went around and asked people if opening a sandwich shop is a good idea

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