A Classic Vegan Soup

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Welcome To Vegan Options Plus, On this channel you will experience how to make satisfying flavorful meals each time, using mostly wholesome ingredients.
This is indeed a classic vegan soup, It will certainly make the list in one of your all time favorites! You must absolutely give it a try. Please let me know how it comes out what works and what doesn’t . Feel free in cutting the ingredients in half if making for a smaller family and adding more or less of ingredients to what suits you best . Below I will list the ingredients to this dish, I hope you enjoy!
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✔ Pot of 4 Quartz of water /16 cups to boil
✔Dumplings: Spelt flour 1and 1/2 cups(vita spelt) best kind and differs from the rest (amazon) and 1/4 of water, if more is needed. Vegetables: ✔Pumpkin you can use squash as well ( I used half of half of a whole ) ✔Corn (I used 1and 1/2 ) ✔1 Lrg carrot ✔Mushrooms- hand full of wild chanterelle and 1 Lrg oyster ✔8 okra ✔2 bunch of Bok Choy ✔ 4 green bananas (be sure that your bananas are fully green and hard) ✔2 red skinned sweet potatoes, ✔2 red skinned potatoes ✔ 2 gold skinned ✔1 Yellow skinned plantain, not over ripe, hard skinned, (optional) Seasonings: ✔1 large celery ✔3 scallions ✔Cilantro 7-8 branches ✔ Parsley 7-8 branches ✔Garlic 8-9 cloves ✔ Pimento Peppers 5 if you can find them ( if not, your soup can still come out delicious) ✔Red Bell Peppers if small 5-6 if large 2-3 this is to color your soup. Additional Seasonings: ✔Pink Salt 2-3 TSP (depending on pot size) ✔Nutritional Yeast 2Tbsp of , ✔Smoked Paprika 1 and 1/4 -1/2 TBSP ✔Garlic Powder 1 and 1/4 TSP ✔Coconut Aminos 2-3 TBSP. . . . You can also add 2-3 tsp of vegan butter if you like. When cooking your soup add potatoes ,carrots, green bananas, pumpkin when your pot of water comes to a boil , then prepare your dumplings if you didn’t already , put aside and cut up your seasonings next add seasonings to pot… next prepare the bell peppers and blend with 3 tsp of smoked paprika, add to pot, next roll your dumplings and add to pot… add additional seasonings … next add your vegetables …. let cook for about 10 min then add your sweet plantains , which should be added 10 min before soup is complete ( you will know when your soup is nearly finished by checking your potatoes and green bananas cut a piece to see how easy they will cut it should easily pierce through, not falling apart however, this means soup is over cooking, whichever the case proceed…add Bok choy 5 min before you turn off stove. You are free to add to this any seasoning you know will compliment it, if you need to substitute or whatever the case… You should still amount to a delicious meal… Please let me know how this works out for you.


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