Best Ever Vegan Meatless Meatballs

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These vegan meatless meatballs are the best ever. They taste hearty and are a great substitute for traditional meat balls. Great for parties, picnics, finger food or in any meal, these are a staple for anyone wanting to eat tasty vegan food! They will keep in the fridge for about 5 days but also freeze really well. The food processor I use for this is a Breville. You can see exactly which food processor I use by following my amazon affiliate link:

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Marie DeGrâce says:

Thank you so much for sharing this recipe!

rosa maria Solano says:

Hola desde México
Do you think is possible to use PANKO instead bread (slices) and how much panko should I add?

bahamastarlet says:

Made these meatballs…. what kind of sauce do you think pairs nicely. I made a sweet and sour sauce… will let you know after lunch what i think?

Sandra Gramajo says:

I love that every ingredient goes into the food processor. Super easy recipe. can’t wait to make this

Trevor Regay says:

Nice! These look very good and very capable of a meatless replacement for meatballs! Thanx!

BanjoBradley says:

Love this idea. How can I make this nutless for my wife please? Thanks.

Jo Robinson says:

I think I will try subbing almonds for walnuts, they just taste vile to me, as do pecans and macadamia nuts. I'm sure other varieties to do, I'm not much of a nut person. Thanks for the inspiration!

Kat H says:

These look wonderful! I’m going to try to make them along with your video ♥️

Ingrid Ramirez says:

15 minutes but I didn't know the temperature please someone

Ingrid Ramirez says:

That's my lunch for tomorrow 😁

percy boom says:

What is dried birth?

Maria Hall says:

Can’t wait to make these. They look so yummy 😋

O ML says:

So very well done. Great idea. Blessings. 👍💚🌱

PGI Group 11 Sy, Samantha Hope says:

How did they bake so well without sprinkling with oil or any butter? If its oilless then it's very healthy wow. Can I use blender instead of food processor

PGI Group 11 Sy, Samantha Hope says:

Oh no I don't have a food processor lol

Jo and Ivan says:

look s great!!

Aaron Lawson says:

Any substitute for the walnuts

Florida Salon says:

I'm not vegetarian and these look delicious.

jonathan oxlade says:

They look like dung balls where’s the beetle gone oh yea the vegans killed it during farming poor thing

End Wildlife Services'Needless Killing Of Wildlife says:

have not tried this recipe yet but it must taste like meat ( for those new vegans who miss their old steak or meatball dinner ) – walnuts have a very meaty flavor

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