Instant Pot Air Fryer Lid Crispy Zucchini Fries #gururecipes

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#instantpotairfryerlid #zucchinifries #gururecipes #airfryerzucchinifries
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god563616 says:

Never had this but looks incredible

Dennis Huffman says:

I put them in a half cup water & they came out soggy like instant potatoes but put some pepper on them after tasting & they were a bit bland so not a good experience.

rebeccarose888 says:

In a pinch can regular four instead of chickpea flour?

richa choudhary says:

You added red chilli powder or turmeric?

Homemaker's Journal says:

Zucchini fries look so crispy and tasty! Very healthy too! 👍

Thara Seelan says:

So crispy and tasty! and a much healthier recipe..

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