🍐 Vegan Ricotta, Pear, Ham & Cheese Tart 🍐

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🍐This video is sponsored by California Pears!🍐

This vegan ricotta, pear, ham and cheese tart is an elegant tart made with puff pastry and beautiful California Pears. Sweet and savoury; this is the perfect light, summer meal!


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♡ Where do you live? – Hamilton, Ontario, Canada 🙂
♡ Where do you find mushroom broth powder? – Asian grocery stores have it. I show what the packaging looks like in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JpAZZcFu09U
♡ What’s up with your skin? – I have eczema, and atopic dermatitis on my hands. I share what I do to help my skin in this video: https://goo.gl/8vrJ5g
♡ Is YouTube your full time job? – No, I work part-time in marketing 🙂
♡ What does your logo mean? Why isn’t your logo using the Vietnamese flag? – Actually I use the South Vietnam flag because it represents Viet Kieu (Vietnamese immigrants after the fall of Saigon), my parents were both boat refugees before immigrating to Canada. My logo combines two parts of my identity: Maple leaf because I’m Canadian, and the South Vietnam flag because I’m Vietnamese 🙂

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OhNo Antonio says:

I'm drooling!

lullaby says:

I found that vegan ricotta at my grocery store ONE TIME, made some great lasagna, then never found it again.

AmazonKC says:

What was the temp of the oven? You mentioned that you baked it for 30-40 mins. I assume it means 350 degrees. Is that correct?

kkuhn3 says:

Is anyone else stoked that this video is sponsored by a produce producer?? It's honestly cool that the healthiest of healthy foods are getting in on this kind of marketing.

Kx says:

beautiful sponsorship! this recipe is great, thank you lisa

aiyanna peoples says:

Does the ham taste like spam

glitch84 says:

I don't think i will try this recipe any time soon, but it looks delicious, i'm drooling 😀 thank you Lisa!
It would be interesting trying it with seitain also, i don't think i can find the ham roll around here (no asian markets where i live). I'll check the shops in milan next time i go.

J D says:

Lol ugh the storms weve been getting lately are so nuts! I'm in Waterloo, did you guys get either of the tornado warnings??

Dr. Bitchcraft says:

Hey, do you have any tips for cleaning a silicone baking mat?

Món Chay Mỗi Ngày Delicious Vegan says:

Vegan Ricota with friut look so yummy and very healthy 🍐🍐🍐🍞🍕🧀

Jupiter B says:

That looks phenomenal and my sister just gave me pears from her tree!

Maribelle Lebre says:

My eyes are drooling!
Any tips on gluten-free Vegan puff pastry?

Teresa LeVasseur says:

Apart from the pears and puff pastry, this recipe was loaded with products I have never seen before. I had no idea tofutti made a ricotta, I love their sour cream and cream cheese.This is a great recipe, but I think I'd need to find my own vegan cheese and meat subs because I don't think I have access to the ones you used.

itsactuallyrandom says:

Watched this with Chloe, she picked up the word funky but cannot pronounce the n very well… Anyway she thinks this was your favorite pizza, and you did a great job. Also she thinks those pears are silly apples XD

veg94 says:

For a solid minute I thought the ham was a foam roller you were planning to use as a rolling pin 🤦🏻‍♀️🤡

Vegan FTA says:

Omg wow I would love to try that! Also kind of amazing to see a video sponsored by pears!! 😂🍐

The Enchanted Besom says:

So, now I know why I never enjoy pears…because of the ripeness! I never knew about the color difference. lol This is looks fantastic by the way. It reminds me of a sandwich we made at a cafe I worked at. It was (not vegan) brie, apples or pears, walnuts, and a springling of brown sugar open faced on a crostini baked until cheese melted. That would be a fun to veganize, and holy everything…it's a sandwich that even after fours years of being vegan..I need to find a way. lol It's so good! If I can ever find vegan puff, I will definitely give this recipe a try! I think it could also be good a a crostini for like..little bite sized open faced sandwiches. yum!!!

Erène says:

why are they putting D3 in PASTRY???? why cant we have nice things??

Dinahmite Ideas says:

My mom has a pear tree in our backyard and now I know what to make when we harvest! Thanks for sharing gonna make this yum!

Gillian Lindeen says:

I would totally make this 😫

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