Low Cost Meals – Falafels and my Potato, Cheddar & Leek Tart – Delicious Vegetarian Classics

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Delicious Vegetarian Classics this week. Great tasting falafels and an extremely moreish potato, cheddar and leek tart.

Frugal Queen in France

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We are a British couple living in Brittany on a budget.
Frugal recipes, days out, home renovations and day to day making do in France.

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Sheila Raine says:

New subscriber and enjoying your videos. Both recipes look lovely. The only thing I make with chickpeas is my well liked hummus. Will be trying yours tho.

Rachel Seibert says:

Your food looks so delicious! I love falafels I had them in Israel😀

Belinda Copson says:

I'm inspired to have a go at falafels now! Love leeks too and the tart sounds a great way to include them.

Patty says:

Looks lovely ,also I think your white dishes are pretty!

Hide & Silk says:

I worked for an NGO living in a refugee camp in the West Bank so falafel will always have a special place in my ❤ xxx

Cycling On Plants says:

That tart looks delicious!! I have made falafels before and really enjoy those baked instead of fried. Your salads always look tasty too Jane. Keep these videos coming!Love your channel 🙂

Tracey Barnfield says:

Forgot to say I have a metal Evo oil sprayer. A bit pricey but still going strong 6 years later. Just fill it with veg oil.

Coral Taylor says:

Gorgeous food 🍲 I will definitely try these recipes 😃

Judy Cupps says:

They both look wonderful, I'm going to give them a try.

India Black says:

I watch your channel all the time, but sometimes forget to "like".(I'll do better ) Love, love, love all your meal posts. I'm learning lots on how to be frugal with my grocery shopping and meatless meal planning. I love your cheery attitude and how much you enjoy being frugal and your willingness to pass it on to your followers. Thank you..

monkeeblue says:

I just had my husband dig up the last of our leeks to come in so I think your tart will be on the menu tomorrow. We can't easily keep them in the garden where I am in Canada as we get too cold over winter so I bring them in and dehydrate them for winter-summer cooking. I've got three 2 litre jars full of them this year!!! Cheesy dishes…You can't beat a good cauliflower cheese casserole. We quite like it as a main dish with a side salad.

Fiona Coles says:

Thanks for more fabulous recipes! I have just made the falafels (first times ever!) and plan to make the leek and cheese tart next week. So inspiring x

Spiral says:

Hi Jane and Michael love both the recipes. I use chickpeas mashed up with salt pepper and lemon juice as an alternative to tuna for a sandwich with some salad. Can i ask which tasted the nicest the oven baked falafels or the fried ones?

Marie Damon says:

That tart looks divine and ive never made flafel .coliflour cheese my fave at the mo and dolphinious potatos with lots of garlic i add cheese great video great lady i realy enjoy watching your channel x

Wendy Travers says:

Another great video thank you so much, I make a veggie curry with roasted veg and chick peas, we like leek n potato pie but I will be fry your tart. Thanks for all the hard work you both out into these vlogs……. Take care Love Wendy ♥️💋
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MK hunts treasure says:

You make cooking look so easy! I love your recipes. Am making the quiche today.

L H says:

You can make your own oil spray
Just add oil of your choice to a spray bottle

Donna Scott says:

Great video. Re oil spray, I know plastic degrades, but I refill my oil spray bottles a few times before recycling. One day, might get one designed for the purpose.

R Harvey says:

Yummy. Yummy.

These recipes remind me of the simple and classic French country farmhouse recipes I've been seeing on the black and white 1960s The French Chef. (They are free and listed under the "On Demand" option of Pluto TV.)

Leeks are hard to find and very expensive here.

Research revealed you can substitute onions for them. ( I think you would want mild and/or sweet ones though since leeks are a mild onion flavor. )

Anne Rutherford says:

Chickpea and spinach curry is very tasty and cheap to make. I would go for cheese and potato pie or cauliflower cheese .

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