Okonomiyaki Recipe (お好み焼き) Vegan Friendly

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In this Okonomiyaki recipe, I show you how to make a delicious traditional Japanese cabbage pancake (whether you’re vegan or not). Since Okonomiyaki means “cooked as you like it” in Japanese, you can add whatever vegetables, meats or seafood to the basic batter to make it your own!

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INGREDIENTS (makes 2 servings)

160 grams cabbage
180 grams yamaimo (3-4 inch piece)
40 grams fresh shiitake mushrooms (2 large mushrooms, thinly sliced)
20 grams scallions (2-3 scallions, chopped)
30 grams all-purpose flour (~1/4 cup)
1/4 teaspoon salt
16 grams Beni Shoga (optional)
2 tablespoons vegetable oil

Okonomiyaki sauce
Vegan mayonnaise
1 dried shiitake mushroom

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Beatriz Yamaguti says:

Hi, Mark!! I haven't eaten okonomiyaki in years!! Can I use normal yams instead of the yamaimo? I can't find them where I currently live 🥲

Arm jam-ou says:

I'm from thailand ,And I love the videos you teach about food.🍲🍜

Ankit Jain says:

i like food channel where there is less showing of face and more showing of food

Justin Gilbert says:

Another great one mate!! I love Okinomiyaki. It is so versatile. As the name implies, I love to throw all sorts of things to my konomi. BTW, When are you getting your fine self over here. Is it not about time you returned to your hometown? LOL

pisceanvisions says:

Hi Marc, thank you for the vegan recipe!!! I can’t wait to try this. 🤤😋

Alexa Channel 料理志 says:


Rick Clark says:

This video is worth it for the cabbage shredding technique alone. But I have also been trying various Okonomiyaki recipes and they have been decent but I have not been super happy with the texture. Very anxious to try this soon, especially the technique of flouring the cabbage before adding the liquids. I haven't seen that before. Thank you!

Amudo says:

Amazing… I'M HUNGRY at 1h30 am again

Aurora Rosacia says:

Now I know how that pattern on top is made….using just a toothpick😊 Thank you, Chef Marc, for another delicious dish😍

Nicole76086 says:

u should change the name of ur channel to ur own name I think that could make a big diff (no offence to ur channel name now)

Oi!cat Sana says:

I tried it. I love it. And they love it but lack of red ginger and that kind of rootcrops😅

Baron Yip says:

Hey! Is it alright to use Nagaiimo instead of Yamaimo? I heard nagaiimo is more liquidy…

Browncoat98 says:

Thank you for the awesome recipe! I just want to point out to any vegans that want to make this recipe that you should be careful about what okonomiyaki sauce you use because a lot (including the one in this video) include meat extracts. Maybe if you can’t find one without you could also make the sauce homemade too! I am excited to try this recipe!

Hba qq says:

It's similar to the korean vegetable pancake

Nea ́s Arts says:

Is there a way to replace the 山芋?I can’t find it in the Asian grocery stores either 🙁

Derek says:

Hello Marc, I've tried making okonomiyaki a few times before and every time it comes out very salty. For the recipe, I used mentaiko, cheese, and cabbage, but I get the feeling that it's either the okonomiyaki sauce, the mayonnaise, or both. My family has a history of high blood pressure and I'm trying to make it with as less sodium as possible and still enjoy it.

Juliet's Wok says:

Okonomiyaki is one of my favorite japanese food. Thanks for the tip about the yamaimo. I'm craving for one of this right now. Big thumbs up for this

O'Dessa Bourque says:

This recipe makes me think more of egg fu young, which I enjoy 🙂

Erin Uber says:

Hi Marc! This is completely amazing! I love okonomiyaki, but I haven't been able to eat it for years. I can't eat some of the ingredients. This offers me an option, and I'm so eager to try making it this way. It looks so delicious, and this is so creative. Hooray! Thanks for sharing this recipe. It's a fantastic video. Have a great week ahead!

Allison says:

Now I want to make okonomiyaki… I would need to run out and buy cabbage though. I wonder if I could use the raw/dry coleslaw mix often available in my store… it wouldn't be chopped as finely, but it would be pre-sliced cabbage + carrot… hrmmm..

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