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Hi everyone. So if you follow me over on IG Stories I said I was thinking about sharing what I picked up from Aldi on our weekly shop this week. I usually shop at Tesco, but I was amazed at how much I saved in Aldi. So here’s our vegetarian Aldi grocery haul for you to give you some meat free meal ideas.

Thank you for watching. ♡
Alex xo

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Hi I’m Alex! I started writing a blog back in 2013 as a way to capture my thoughts, feelings and emotions as I married my childhood sweetheart and we had our first child. I’m now a Mum of two little boys (Ethan & Logan) and I’ve continued writing, photographing and videoing ever since as a way to remember all of the little details that make up this amazing journey of Motherhood.


sketch book says:

I found a bone in their New VEGAN pies – disgusting. What would you do?

Darkangel W says:

Thank you :). Will head to Aldi asap

Christina says:

WAIT mini cheddars are my fave I had no idea they weren't veggie. I've been vegetarian for over 15 years and had no idea haha.

TheTripstraps says:

in Uk, is plastic carbage separated and recycled?

Raven England says:

You shop well

I'm off to Aldi (and it is pronounced Al – DEE)

Potter17 says:

I love our Aldi (in the US) – this was fun to see how different Aldi products are between the US and other countries. I’m especially jealous that your Aldi carries scones – I’ve never seen them in our Aldi – I wish!! 😁

kenyettia marshall says:

I live in the States & there's an Aldi just a couple blocks away from my home.
I found out years ago that you have to be careful which items you choose there because certain foods taste like straight vomit & there electronic items are disappointing. There clothes are not good either. I am a vegetarian and I wouldn't go near anything that says tuna or meat flavor it's just to risky 😲 I have shopped at many different Aldi and it seems to be true with them all. I still like Aldi but I am very selective.

Demme Frazier says:

I wanna transition to vegetarian, but all these carbs I will never maintain a healthy weight, carbs make me swell like like a marshmallow.

Emma W says:

I haven't had mini cheddars for years but indidnt realise vegetarians can't have them. There's so many products I'm still learning about. All these years I didn't know walkers crisps aren't veggie neither.

Keikoけいこ says:

real bargain ! I'll try the cocktail 😀

Karina - says:

Great video. Subscribed 😃😃

Denise Butkus says:

Wow your Aldi has quite the selection! It’s not like this in the US but we are getting there ❤️ Great channel!!!

Noelle Cauble says:

I love Aldis. Everything is way cheaper.

Sharon Johnson says:

I would never go in aldi years ago as I thought it was cheap 🙈 and I went to a friends house and they were showing me the food they got and I changed my mind,it's so good. I can't do a full shop as I'm quite fussy on certain things,mainly meat,I've actually gone off meat. But the vegetarian food you have shown is great. If you can save money then your better off going there. There caramelised onion chutney is gorgeous on your melted goats cheese. That's a good shop for the money. Xx

Lucia Montes says:

I just found your channel and I’m already obsessed! New subscriber here 😊

Sharon Walker says:

Good food haul, the sweet potato fries are delicious,there my new fave at the moment, il have to try the cocktails on ice, i have,nt noticed it in my locala aldi yet. x

Kads Life says:

You got lots for your money, the pies sound really good! I say Aldi, rather than Alldi. X

Sparkles And Stretchmarks says:

Oh this has me tempted to go there again now! Whenever I shop there, the veg and fruit goes off really quickly and it really put me off. Theyre extending our one to be 2 floors though so might give a try again! x

Savvy Feminist says:

Nice picks I’d love to see how you put them together as meals.

TheJoysOfTwoBoys * says:

I sometimes shop at aldi but I do need to get most of my foods from Tesco as I follow a vegetarian and dairy free diet… I find most vegetarian options in aldi contain dairy products. You have got a lot there for just under £100 though, you done well. Loving your new kitchen by the way 😊 bet its nice to put shopping away in nice new and tidy cupboards ☺️ take care xx

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