A 'Realistic' Vegan WHAT I EAT IN A DAY | Easy Vegan Meals

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Today is a realistic take on my typical vegan what I eat in a day videos. From a peanut butter and jelly smoothie to delicious vegan enchiladas, you will love today’s recipes and meal prep tips.
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🌱Vegan Enchiladas: https://www.theedgyveg.com/2020/08/18/best-vegan-enchiladas-with-sauce/

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Edgy Veg says:

Who thinks they are going to try the enchiladas, I swear they will change your life!

Kendra Fortin says:


johan bauwens says:

The peanut butter in the smoothie is kind of weird but worth trying

DELLRS2012 says:

Gurl….I’m glad you are back. P.S. I think you look fantastic 😉

lemonwedge says:

Unrelated but this looks is SOOOO cute!!!

pup girl says:

5:48 how can garlic and lemon make that paste??? is that with some chickpeas already added?

Barbara Ortiz says:

I'm a Hispanic meat eater but man those enchiladas are really tempting me to try your vegan recipe only I HAVE to use corn tortillas. Lol …can't wait to make & munch down💜🧡💜

slowpainfulagony says:

Am I the only one that gets a feet smell vibe from daiya cheese?

NerdiiSage says:

The cheese doesn’t taste like potato flakes does it? Last time I tried vegan cheese I gagged on that taste. I’ve just been avoiding cheese lol

Grace S says:

I was skeptical to try the cheese. I was never really a fan of the texture of daiya in the past but HOLY CRAP! It is so good. The pepper jack is my favorite

T D says:

Vegan for a few years now – I eat literally all day long, but I eat tons of veggies, homemade “chipotle” style bowls, and a good green protein shake in the morning. Skinny legend.

andie lynn says:

Thank you for being honest about being sponsored I like how you always go about it 😊

Bun Bun says:

LOVE this hair colour on you. looks amazing!🥰

The IBD Vegan says:

Omg, I'm totaly the same with bananas in smoothies

Levi Hudson says:

Why torture yourself by eating a Vegan diet?

Dj B says:

I literally had Daiya paperback cheese for the first time this week, and it was so gross that I had to go to the kitchen and remove it from the dish. I really hope I bought the old version and this new version really is as good as you're claiming. Maybe it only tastes good melted/into a sauce?
If anyone has had both, and can chime in if the new version really is better or not, I would love to hear it.

Shells Bells says:

Hi, can you make a video on how to eat when you have a 10 hour shift in the middle of you day? Thanks!

TrueBeanBean says:

I do not like the upgraded version of the cutting board shreds. It's just tooooo oily, and also crappy for doing fried anything that involves cheese.

Tammii bloggt says:

The german vegan-cheese-products all tasts like old newspaper and smells like farts…🥵😔
It's impossible to eat them without *uaaaags*🤮
„Simply v“ is ok, but not tasty. It is so frustrating !

Elissa Davis says:

Protein powder is overrated…….U don’t need it…..

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