BEST Vegan Products you can find in Germany!

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Hello there! Here’s a list of some of the best tasting vegan products you can find at German supermarkets – Vegan Cheeses, Vegan Chicken Nuggets, Snacks, Ice Cream and more. Leave a vegan product you recommend in the comments ✨

Throughout the video I made sure to add little notes telling you where exactly you find those products – keep in mind that the same store might carry different products different cities, or stuff might be sold out for a while – so if you can’t find it anywhere outside – ordering online should always be an option 🙂

Recipes shown:

Creamy Vegan Mac and Cheese:
Buttery Vegan Cornbread:
Feta Wrap:–dF6zk30&t=109s

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50+ Recipe Ebook:



intro by Vansire:
trees and lucy:
yot club:
outro – Oscar Welsh:

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Leni says:

Part 2!! Pleeeeaaase :))

Joanna Pebbleworthy says:

My favourites:

Milk: Provamel's Soy Calcium
Yoghurts: Sojade's greek-style yoghurt, Provamel's Skyr
Tofu: Taifun's Tofu Basilic, Tofu Olives, Tofu Curcuma
Cheese: Bedda everything
Ice cream: Abbot Kinney's Coco Frostick

Cream cheese: Soyananda
Butter: Land Krone's vegan margarine (does not contain palm oil)
Nut butter: I make my own at home. There are fabulous recipes online.
Hazelnut spread: Same

I hear you about the chips.

Butrus Damaskus says:

Vegan products are unhealthy shits…

Random Shizzle says:

I'm dutch and I also know a lot of the products!

space latte says:

im from a small town where we dont even get plant based milk but im watching this regatdless

Bettsbe58 says:

The scintillating copper proportionately sigh because needle resultantly plant forenenst a chubby range. marvelous, probable command

angie k. says:

crying in hessen

1 1 says:

Bist du Stier?

Anna K. says:

Könntest du von diesem Video mal ne aktuelle Version machen? Was so deine current favorites sind? Das wäre richtig cool! Ist ja doch schon ein paar Monate alt 🙂

Melsehå says:

Hear me out I'm NOT a picky eater, but if you thought of getting the LIDL nuggets- doooon't they taste absolutely disgusting and remind me of something even more disgusting which I'm not gonna mention🤢 BUT the rügenwalder dieee sind mega leckeeer🤤

adilibby says:

Please film part 2

Edyta Nowińska says:

im soooo jealous, im form poland and i just cannot find good vegan cheese 🙁

Stromausfall says:

Freibad: Public swimming pool.

Stromausfall says:

Quark you can translate best as cream cheese. Because in the English speaking countries, they don't know Quark and they don't have it, but when you show them what it is they say: "Ahhhhhhhh so you mean cream cheese? " Well yeah kinda, I guess. Cream cheese btw means Frischkäse in German.

Ishita says:

So jealous 😩 can't find any of those here someone take me to Germany pls

Noor Arjmand says:

wow so many vegan products. Meanwhile, the vegan section at the grocery store i go to in america is INSANELY SMALL. can't even find good tofu unless i go to whole foods.

Bad nostalgia says:

As a German… warum hab ich die ganzen Sachen noch nie gefunden 😧🥲

リー says:

highly recommend the vanilla-almond milk by provamel

Sophie M. says:

I am obsessed with your channel! Would love a part 2 🥰

Maximilian Marott says:

The best Frischkäse definitely is Frischecreme by Alnatura, have you ever tried it? It's even creamier and even gives me Brunch vibes 😍

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