Vegan Sunday Roast With All The Trimmings – A Glorious Feast!

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Ah a Sunday roast, the most quintessential British past time. A weekly ceremony consisting of devouring huge swathes of food with friends and family. This event normally end when one’s trousers fail to close. At this point I normally retire to have a slight snooze before inevitably eating a little more of the leftovers later!

Here’s my recipe for a good old fashioned roast, veganised. This fully plant-based Sunday roast is packed full of flavour. The secret is the gravy, which is so damn good. I normally make double quantities and then bathe my plate in a sea of gravy.

Full recipe can be found here:

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0:00 Intro
0:42 Yorkshire puddings
4:37 Harissa roast cauliflower
6:44 Finished yorkshire puddings
7:48 Roast potatoes
10:10 Vegetable gravy
14:11 Plating up
16:40 Outro


Avid Gardener says:

I love this. I'm hosting our Christmas party and my boss is vegetarian, this is perfect. Thank you

Beatriz Encinas says:

I’m not English but might as well be ! my favorite food in the whole wide world is a Sunday roast !!!! Now being vegan for quite a while now , I’m always thinking of how to make a vegan roast ! Thanks so much for the tips and recipe , seems delicious I can’t wait to try it !

Emerald1dx3 says:

Cabbage or cauliflower????? ????????

Uncle Gilbert says:

5:27 I hope you don't come to my office the day after you've eaten all that garlic.

Irem Eyuboglu says:

Great recipe and even better explanation! I can't wait to try it as soon as possible. Also the kitchen decoration looks very good! Thanks a lot for sharing. 🙂


Just started to try out vegan lifestyle and live this very much 😍

PappyB says:

Thank you for the video. I appreciate the extra effort made with the time stamps big help that was. I’ll be making this tonight 🙂 Thanks again!

beverly meldrum says:

Yummy. Lovely kitchen

Barry Harry says:

Great video and I've subbed.
If you would like some friendly advice, because constructive criticism is great- get some MDF or similar and cover the back white wall. It looks like you're hiding mould or something behind that wooden panel.
You could paint some MDF (darker colour) and cover the background and it would make it more like a set for a cooking show 🙂👍

I hope you don't take this the wrong way and can visualise how it would look AND for only a few quid.

Kerry Neylan says:

Lovely food and fabulous kitchen. A kitchen tour would be awesome.

Senthil Kumar says:

Awesome feast mate 🙂

Lisa Fay says:

CABBAGE hahahaha 😀 great vid! I can't believe I haven't found your channel/blog sooner! keep up the good work!

Lowly Food says:

Sorry that some parts of this video are quite glitchy! I know it looks quite bizarre. Fear not, It's just a technical problem I've been having with the encoding of some of my videos. I've found the problem. So hopefully my next video will be matrix free!

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