Ford Cortina Mk3 – Great New Taste (1977 1.6 L Road Test)

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With our Mk3 Escort and Puma project cars sadly departed, we thought it time to add an older classic Ford to the Classics World fleet. Joe took a 500 mile drive up to Edinburgh to meet our new Mk3 Cortina!
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Scott B says:

The cortina 3.0 v6 from South Africa also got the "Big six" name

Mai Elizabeth says:

My dad used to own Ford Cortina mk3 back in the 80s.

Hugs Bunny says:

Cortina's in Australia had the 4 cylinder ripped out by owners and the 4.9 litre or 5.8 litre engines fitted 🙂

Peter Gillam says:

I had three mk3 Cortina's back in the 80's from a 1.6L to a 2.0 xl plus an estate. I wish I had one now!

Ngauruhoe zodiac says:

My brother had MK3 cortina with the 1600 cc engine and it was poked after 140 O00 km. We replaced it with a 2 litre pinto engine. It really transformed the car.

The Truth K says:

Can remember my Father having a yellow cortina with a black vinyl roof (yes really) a great car although a gas guzzler and I always remember the gear stick always came out it was a nylon thread I believe.
But the was a knack of driving it like this I believe it was a common problem

Nowhere Man says:

hmm…..for late a late 70's Mark 3, it should have had rectangular headlights…

Mike Smith says:

I liked the early dashboard better than the face lift dash in your test car. I have meanie great memories in these cars. They where very popular here in New Zealand. My favourite being the gt with its great interior. I often wish I’d kept one.

Dave says:

1.6? My dad bought a 4.1 ltr, 4 speed manual brand new in 1976.

tony mason says:

No such thing as a 1977 ford Cortina mk3 .MK3 was stopped being made end of 1976 the MK4 came in late 1976 the last reg was R reg.

Geoff T says:

The Mk 3 Cortina was the worst model Cortina ever produced, awful things.

steve8869 says:

I have a 2000GXL, love it.A comfortable car that keeps up with modern traffic no problem.

Sirvikal Crusader says:

Aged 24 …(a very long time ago now) I bought the Bright Orange 2000e and loved it..then stupidly I sold it …for reasons i cannot fathom today. I'd buy it back for £800 in heartbeat!

Shakel Shaik says:

I love the mk3 curves.i have a bakkie version of the car with a original 1600kent xflow motor also in red

bpsorrel says:

When I was a kid in the 70s I loved US cars and especially the coke bottle shaped ones like the Ford LTD and Pontiac Catalina etc. In '79 I bought a '75 Cortina XL in dark blue and thought I'd arrived! haha! Loved that car in all it's blue vinyl goodness and wish I'd had the foresight to stash it away for the future! 🙂 Thanks for the feature, great memories!

Paul Illingworth says:

Always liked a mk3 cortina, was the nicest of them on style.

Jon Thomas says:

Hopefully Pete C will like this vid.

Steve Inczedi says:

Ok you’ve sold me, not that it would have taken much anyway, 2 door 2 litre gxl in gold, yeah Ill have the vinyl roof…..but no way the louvred back window thingy.

Tom says:

The working man’s Cadillac……easy to drive, easy to repair and bags of room. Unfortunately they were rust buckets…..but then again most cars were in those days ….

Nicholas Hunt says:

My first car was a 11month old 2 door 1.6 L in burgundy NUV191L it is the best car I have ever had.

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