Historic German, Root Vegetable Soup

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This is another German recipe given to us by Kayla and Karen at Old Salem Museums and Gardens, who are presently translating two period German cookbooks. This one is delicious! Be sure to visit Old Salem’s website!

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Repzion says:

You're one of my favorite youtube channels. I'm rather shocked there was no onions in this.

Stephanie Knows says:

I have a pot simmering on the stove. I can't wait to try it!… (I can get celeriac, but since you made it with turnip instead and said it was tasty, that's what I used.) /// UPDATE: I think I used too much piping hot broth to temper the eggs. They started to cook. And so while the taste of this soup is nice (and will be even better when I use beef stock without onion & garlic powder, all I could find), the texture left a bit to be desired. It came out like Chinese egg drop soup!. Still,, It's good. /// UPDATE: HOWEVER, it did not store well. That egg curdled further and made the whole thing look really funky. I'll need to find a tutorial on tempering eggs! This is a hearty, healthy soup I want to make again. Thanks!

chefsize says:

I feel like this would be set off with some onion.

liquid krylon says:

Love your vids 😊

CosmicBrambleclawV2 says:

Old Salem made it to a Townsend's video? Man NC is moving up in the world 😀 (I'm not terribly far from O.S)

Mark Mower says:

That sounds simple and delicious, I would have to add some garlic and shallots, and fresh herbs at the end when you thicken it.

Dax_Xenos says:

That egg yolk finish is interesting. Gonna try that sometime

Dan Michaud says:

No onion, no potato? Even adding a radish or two would give this soup more flavors. Hmm, adding a soup stone for more body, :-). Nice video. The recipe doesn't call for it but I am sure cooks would have embellished it somehow.

James Berry says:

Isn't the potato a root? Or have you tried adding a potato to the German root soup?

Tim Levis says:

I like to make my soup and stews in the fall and winter, and then eat them outside. The best way to enjoy a homemade meal.

Jonathan Vijayakumar says:

Vegetarians be real hungry in the 18th century if they lived in america!!

johannes feldschütz says:

Not deglazing the pan…. ngmi

Frankie Dangerous says:

Those were waaaay bigger than a match

Pup314 says:

I'd add onion, garlic, celery, and potatorutabaga, and potato to this recipe, and turn it into a winter root stew.

Randi Kinton says:

I made this two ways…with onion and without. I prefer the one with onions. Thanks for the idea of Root Soup.

Emma davis says:

Was butter something they had year round? Did they have a way to store it?

Billder says:

do you not have parsnips or celery in the US ? interesting ! they’re v nice

thehalcyonflight says:

New drinking game… take a drink for everytime he says the word "soup"

Linda Barling says:

Thank you for showing and sharing and making me hungry😁

Granny p.w. says:

This one sounds good!!!!

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