THE OLIVE GARDEN | Minestrone Soup

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This Do-It-Yourself, Classic Minestrone Soup from The Olive Garden is loaded with vegetables, beans and pasta in a rich, vegetable broth. Definitely hearty enough for dinner and VEGAN too! Pair it up with a bottomless bowl of The Olive Garden’s House Salad or their Fettuccine Alfredo (links below) and bread sticks. You have The Olive Garden on your table tonight. Thanks for watching, y’all and you know I love you!

The Olive Garden House Salad:
The Olive Garden Fettuccine Alfredo:

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Chris in Indiana says:

Suggestion. I lived in California 46 years and after I left the only restaurant I missed was Souplantation. Sadly, they went under last spring from the Covid pandemic and ceased operations. My favorite thing on their menu was their vegetarian black bean chili. I'd love to see a copycat recipe since the 3-4 I've tried seem to be missing something.

Chris in Indiana says:

I made this for dinner last night. Very good. The tomatoes and tomato paste I had on hand were the "no salt added" type so I compensated by adding a tad bit more salt. I also added a bit more Italian seasoning than called for, it gave the soup a bit more zing. This recipe is a keeper.

Debbie C. says:

I'm gonna fix this 2night 4 dinner.. Can u show me how 2 do that Bread sticks from Olive Garden please?

Suzanne Napolitano says:

Thank you, love this 🍲 soup , great video, i cook my pasta separate most of the time too , don't like mushy pasta.🌸💐😊

Raymond Schneider says:

Just found your channel; look forward to the website (gotta ck it!). Recipe looks/sounds so easy, but, delicious; gonna get it on since the temps/weather are changing, indeed. Thanks for sharing!
Y'all Be Safe!

x81kilo says:

How many adults serving are you making?

Zoran Spadic says:

Nice, and easy to follow you

George baraque says:

Excellent video. Fantastic. Gets right to the point. No useless unnecessary worthless chatter about where onions comes from and this and that crap. RIGHT TO THE COOKING notice the video is only 6:33 most of the stupid videos on cooking run on for 20-30 minutes because they contain 20 minutes of crap. I dont need to hear 10 minutes of your lienage nor do i need to see 10 minutes of how you cut up onions. GET TO THE POINT forget the useless chatter. GOOD VIDEO.

Aydan Kamilova says:


Tracy Litton says:

Looks delicious. Thank you!!

Paul J says:

Hahaha a cow had it's baby taken and killed but cheese, ya know? LOL 😂


nicole rietsch says:

Sous titrage en français SVP

Molly Wilson says:

add a rind of parmigiano reggiano to the soup while its cooking makes a huge difference in the flavor and richness of the soup.

Diana says:

Do you really eat the food you make? Just asking because that food looks so decadent and you look so fit.

Andrina Fairbairn says:

Lovely soup

priceandpride says:

Everything was great until the dairy at the end

Carte Unu says:

Great tutorial. But it will be great to have a description with the ingredients and the steps mentioned under the video or otherwise added as text on the screen. It will be interesting to see tutorials together with your chef husband. And a tutorial on the olive-garden breadsticks to match the series. Thank you. We love your style and cooking expertise. 👍🥗🍲

Génesis López says:

😍💖💖💖 🍲

Smiley Face says:

What size is the pot? I'm in process of purchasing but it shows biggest size is 6.5 qt. I need something like 8qt. Yours look big though.

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