Veggie Gumbo! Dr.Sebi Approved Recipe!

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Easy Alkaline Vegan Gumbo!

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Allison K Neal says:

Looks delicious & nutritious! Happy national gumbo day!

smith yogi says:

God bless Dr Alaho Olu on YouTube for curing me and my girlfriend from Herpes Simplex Virus. I’m very grateful to you sir..

Earlis Marks says:

Woo-whee…You got my attention…😃
This right here…hey nah.

The Don Prince says:

I'm the 1,000 subscriber lol

Chelsea Bower says:

I was diagnosed with herpes simplex virus for 4years , I was browning through YouTube when I saw how someone was testifying about dr osaba on YouTube, on how dr osaba cure her, I also contacted dr osaba on YouTube and he sent me the herbal medicine I use it for 7days now I'm totally free from herpes virus, God bless dr osaba on YouTube

Elvis Rand says:

Thanks to Dr Alaho Olu On YouTube for curing my Human Papilloma Virus💞💞💞.. I am very grateful sir🙏🙏

mariah T.S says:

You’re the true with this Alkaline vegan Shìt ! I love it. My family sitting around eating gumbo and I’m just craving it 😂😂😂😂 #BuyHerBook

Wael john says:

l got cured of my herpes virus and with all the genital rash including my sore on lip cleared with a herbal medicine l ordered from Dr ukabuo on You Tube

Manasvini Verma says:

Thank you so much Doctor OLIHA for curing me of herpes virus, I am so happy my life is normal again I will forever grateful to you this that you have done for me…If you have a infected with herpes or any disease at all don't hesitate to contact him via:on contact whats-app +2349038382931 or email him on or website is

J Matos says:

Babes you did that!!

terry hagwood says:

bless up i will try this out

william mckinney says:

I'd love to see you experiment with lobster mushroom🤎

Cacique Jaynard says:

I love it it looks delicious but you forgot the rice and I would add some mushroomS 🍄. I’m going to try it

Arie Nefer-RA says:

Yesssssss sis you really make me wanna go alka vegan 🌱 I’m so inspired by you❤️

Lorlie Cruz says:


melanee roberts says:

What was the seasoning you added for color?

Green Is The New Lean says:

This looks so good.

LaQuan Lunford says:

Dang this looks good

K M says:

Saving this it looks amazing. Thanks for sharing!

Kevin says:

I Love gumbo

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