I GO TO JAIL!!!! | Mafia II: Definitive Edition Gameplay!!! | Part 2

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In today’s gameplay of Mafia II: Definitive Edition, Vito is doing more jobs with Joe, which leads to a double robbery, and we end up getting caught for those expired stamps in the previous episode and sent to jail!!!

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JazzyGuns says:


Matty Dusharm says:

45:48 🤣

Matty Dusharm says:

Jaz: that kinda rhymed tho
Me: no it didn’t 😂

the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell XB says:

🎶They call, they call me the Fat Man cause I weigh 200 pounds…all the girls they love me…cause I know my way around🎶
I love this song

JODLonewolf says:

I’ve noticed that black prisoners were segregated from white prisoners. Huh.

Boruto Uchiha says:

The gps was wrong because she was on the wrong side of the highway lmafo

Yasmine says:

Jazz this is back in the day. Everybody was racist. 💀

KillJoy Since2017 says:

god I love jazzy's commentary

KillJoy Since2017 says:

😂😂😂😂 he don’t got no ass

Eric Hammond says:

Love your vids

Elsa please make it ehghfFtfdfYhthYjthyFhrh says:

My name is Meyer and I’m disabled and I love you your voice and I love your games and you are so funny

Incubus says:

Lmaoo is that your twin ma’am?

Kunami says:

Jasmine this game takes place in the 1930s or 40s people where pretty racist back then just letting you know.

Msemaji Playz says:

At 12 : 42 that got me

Talpă TV says:

You gonna play mafia 1 definitive edition too ? Its preety good

Fourth Horsemen Death says:

I hope you manage to get to Mafia 3 once you finished this game. Love this series

Yan says:

Jazz is a certified Vito simp 😂😂

Kristina Becker says:

Hey jazz sorry it took me so long to watch this but I've been bed resting all day due to my chronic pain disorders. So I'm binge watching your videos

Christopher Bako says:

Please continue with this series, you're doing good.

Unknow ? says:

Didn't know they had Lincoln clays uniform in here from mafia 3

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