Italian Music – Background Chill Out

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Relaxing Italian Instrumental Music

Full playlist on Spotify @


Simone Marchioro says:

I'm italian 😃 thanks for this beautyful compilation ❤️

Minny Wanida says:

Yoshiki piano

Astrid Ølsen says:

This sounds like Spanish and German music merged into one

helen koh says:

Thank you for uploading such lovely music

Ersorado Hasango says:

Much respect froam Albania 🇦🇱🇮🇹

Fanny Torres says:

My dog and I love this! TYSM

•Herbatnik• says:

I like Italy SanRemo 😘

S Kar says:

Does anyone know the song playing at 15:40? I tried looking up the songs on the description but couldn't match it to the one playing at this time. Thanks!

Lxggy Clxuds says:

i played this while making spaghetti, my life is complete

Just a normal person says:

My non italian dad is prob gonna enjoy this

Oskar Steinmetz says:

Really Chilling Music for Minecraft
Love it!

dr manel says:

Please can anyone tell me which symphony is that start in 32:06 ?

mark90955 says:

Lovely music just sat and listened. With my family whilst enjoying home made Italian spaghetti Bolognese, Manchester uk 🇬🇧

Amay Gurjar says:

I feel like Don Corleone….

Asmr relax dreams says:

WOW! I love it!

Tarun Reddy says:

heavenly, just rest your head in your hands and listen😘 btw close ur eyes

ALB says:

J'aime beaucoup.

H A says:

Soooo relaxing…amore amore 🥰😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

Tim Arsenault says:

Romance in Venice – Jack Jezzro
Romance in Rio is another good one of his.

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