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Some people are going super fancy with their holiday baking, but I like to stick to the classics 🙂 What’s more classic than a snickerdoodle? Here’s my veganized version of snickerdoodles with a little baking [More]
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烤叉烧 材料:花肉1.2kg去皮切条 腌叉烧:糖300克、盐1茶匙、五香粉1茶匙、胡椒粉1茶匙、蚝油2汤匙、叉烧酱3汤匙、黑酱油2茶匙、麻油半汤匙、料酒2汤匙 气炸烤箱烤叉烧:*腌制的酱汁加入3汤匙蜜糖,220度烤30分钟,每十分钟取出叉烧浸泡腌汁 做法:请观看视频 #方法若做对成功就绝对 #方法若跟对美食就绝对 ————————————————————— English translate from google Char Siew (BBQ PORK) Ingredients: 1.2kg of pork belly removed skin and cut into strips Marinated barbecued pork: 300 grams of sugar, 1 [More]