Vegan Cheesecake – Loving It Vegan

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Vegan Cheesecake – Loving It Vegan. Vegan cheesecake with a salted caramel fudge sauce topping. This ultra creamy cheesecake is so much like the ‘real thing’ you will not believe and it’s super easy to make too! Raw and Gluten-Free.

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C says:

OMG – A M A Z i N G !!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Linda Rosenthal says:

Looks fabulous. Will be making. Thank you.

Su So says:

Great video, great sound! Well done!

Torkvato Taso says:

little delicious masterpiece … thanks from Macedonia

Isabella Escobar says:

Hi!!!! is the blender a vitamix?

Frankie Strange says:

I'm gonna make this for Valentine's day, thanks!!

Old soul K says:

Thank you sooooooooo much, this is perfect. I've watch so many videos for recipes they're so long and way too many ingredients. I'm gonna try this soon.


New Subscribers 😋 Looks absolutely amazing and delicious thanks for sharing.


Omg. I'm not vegan but this cheese cake has so many delicious things to it. Now I'm thinking on making one. 🍰🍰

EnglishWithPeter says:

That is amazing!!! Looks so delicious!!!
You should definitely have at least hundreds of thousands of subscribers!!
the quality of the video is unbelievable!

Pegs Barton says:

This looked great and so I made it for a family occasion where one person had a food intolerance and two vegetarians. It went down so well and was easy to make. Hardest job was sourcing the coconut butter! It's very expensive to make but I have now made it twice and everyone has loved it. It's nice to be able to please friends and family with good wholesome food. Many thanks for your recipes.

Marie Foster says:

Why am I just discovering this channel?! It's amazing! Thanks so much for your videos

Pegs Barton says:

My stepdaughter is vegan, she will just looove this!! Always on the lookout for things I can make for her. Looking at the ingredients I think we would all enjoy this, it's using natural things and nothing too strange. Sorry but some vegan food has some odd stuff in it 😉

Janay says:

Thank you!!!! 😋

Judy Neptune says:

This is perfection!❤️❤️

Vegan With Love says:

Woow😍😍so yummy 😆your channel will grow so much, it's too amazing❤️

Leslie Viridiana says:

I need this in my life 🤤😵🤗

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