This mixed vegetable soup, vegetarian soup is a super tasty and healthy soup loaded with lots of vegetables. it is a must for winters.. The vegetables used are super nutritious. Definitely try at home and [More]
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It is officially Fall (here) which means that it is time for soup. What better way to start the season than with a delicious Plant Based Vegan Vegetable Soup. This soup can either be made [More]
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This soup is very easy but it’s healthy specially in Summer.Chinese people love to drink kinds of healthy soups. This soup is called Vegetarian Soup.Ingredients are corn,carrot,burdock,Chinese yam and chestnuts.If you like to add meat [More]
This recipe is Completely a vegetarian and vegan friendly Soup. The loads of vegetables in this makes it a full meal as well as a one pot budget meal.
In this video we will see how to make veg soup at home. Vegetable Soup recipe is very easy to make and is very nutritious. In order to make this vegetable soup a little thicker, [More]
This soup is packed with nutrients and healthy benefits. It’s so special and all natural! I had to share it with all of you. Thank you to my mom who shared this recipe with us. [More]
Detox Vegetable Soup (Gluten Free & Dairy Free) | Vegan Soup: This is a super healthy and nutritious soup recipe and its very quick and easy to make. I hope you enjoy this recipe! Ingredients: [More]
This winter beat the cold weather with these 5 different nourishing soups. Simple and easy to make, they are filling and can be had in addition to or even instead of a meal! Palak paneer [More]
Vegetarian Tomato Soup Recipe. Part of the series: Vegetarian Cooking. Vegetarian tomato soup is easy to make and can be a great healthy meal. Find out the vegetarian tomato soup recipe with help from a [More]