Easy Air Fryer Recipes (Vegan + Healthy)

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Sharing some of my favourite air fryer recipes I’ve been loving to make lately. They’re easy, quick & healthy. All vegan & gluten-free air fryer recipes 🙂

Air Fryer Tahini Chocolate Chunk Cookies: https://bit.ly/2nyobv0
Air Fryer Candied Sweet Potatoes: https://bit.ly/2YGqt7Y
Air Fryer Caramelized Bananas: https://bit.ly/2nzdHLS
Air Fryer BBQ Cauliflower Wings: https://bit.ly/2nrGbqG

Air Fryers I use:
OMARC air fryer: https://amzn.to/2NZYO0r
Cosori Air fryer (LARGER): https://amzn.to/2MQObNv

Things I love:
→ Ingredients in my pantry & that I use in recipes:
→ My favourite eco friendly products: https://amzn.to/2ZdmEfJ
→ My favourite snacks I aways have on hand:
→ The Kitchen Appliances I recommend and use: https://amzn.to/2Myn0XC
→ SquareOrganics: get 20% off your order by using code “lisakitahara” at squareorganics.com

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Music by HOAX – Beach House – https://thmatc.co/?l=665150E6
Limestone – Oxela SumWun (SOUND CLOUD)

Filmed on Canon T6i
Edited on Final Cut Pro X

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Rose Bond says:

Omg those cookies….. 😍

Dorydae says:

Those cookies 😍

The Girl Gone Green says:

These look delicious!

RezMela says:

🙂 holes in the parchment please… air fryer works less efficiently.. and sea level rises .. global warming results…. joking… but yeah make sure there is circulation..

kathleen swenning says:

These air fryer recipes look delicious, I'm super excited to try them!

1024specialkay says:

omg those cookies look divine! Don't have an air fryer but I'll definitely try baking them!

VideoFanatic13 says:

Wrt the cookies you didn't mention the portion sizes for the ingredients in the blog post nor the video. Could you share them? I like to have the exact amounts to track macros, and ofc to make sure they come out perfect

Evolution of Masha says:

Ummm those caramelized bananas are genius! Please more unique air fryer ideas.

ola victor says:

My mom won’t buy me one😣

hyouka says:

I definitely will try that cauliflower recipe!!!!!

Juliana Abate says:


Plantifully Based says:

Ughhhh making me so jealous I don’t have an air fryer 😍 love this video babe ❤️

Jasmine Hayes says:

I love how Japanese sweet potatoes make their way into almost all of your videos. They are so so good!!

Lola P says:

Omg these look amazing!!! So yummy thanks for sharing!😊

stephanie says:

Hello Lisa! Have you ever experienced severe hair loss on a vegan diet? I have been eating vegan for a while, but i have recently been dropping A LOt of hair and it has persisted for around 1 month!! 😭😭

Rick Hardt says:

Love to watch your videos n.n

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