Ratatouille – Classic French Cuisine

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Ratatouille, a classic French vegetarian comfort food from Provence. In addition to the base vegetables of onion, bell pepper, eggplant, zucchini, and tomato, I add sweet potato, king oyster mushrooms, and purple cabbage. Although the eggplant used was a smaller Chinese/Japanese type (which doesn’t require sweating), the recipe assumes the use of larger Italian eggplant which is more readily available in North America and Europe. Finnish with a Laphroaig Four Oak Scotch and a CAO Pilon cigar.


Dana P says:

Hi Andy, this is beautiful. Where did you find your oyster mushrooms?

Nizar187 says:

Ain't nobody got thyme for this.. Teeeheeeheee… Some herban humor for ya 🙂

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