How to make Jamie’s Lasagne | Jamie Oliver

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There are loads of variations of lasagne out there, and Jamie’s not claiming this is the most authentic, but it is absolutely delicious, reliable and a great way to feed a bunch of people! The ragu is a winner, made with beef, pork and loads of veg, plus there’s a twist on the white sauce with a curveball cheese too! Give this a try, or just try some of the little tips Jamie has, and you’ll be on your way to baked layers of joy!

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Zoe Bohsung says:

i tried with red lentils…not the best idea.

UrbanWarrior says:

might taste good – but spinach with the meat – and a splash of milk or cream

Bisaya in Holland says:

Jamie's reaction after he tasted it, made me to say '' okey i gonna try this one''.

Frank Velrey says:

Cheddar cheese?

Paul Scott says:

Why the fook are you putting veg in the lasagne. Ruined. No 👎 ⛔ onions yes but why the fook are using carrots. Weird.

NinjaRider 1312 says:

no way is this a lasagna 🙁

Franco Gottardi says:

1) You have literally no idea of what a ragu is
2) You have literally no idea of what besciamella is
3) You have literally no idea of how to cook a lasagna
My question is: Why should you make a video in which you "teach" completely wrong things?

Mintyツ says:

that looks good ngl 🤤

First Person Shooter Enemy Territory says:

Jez is this meant too be a lasagne on a budget?🤣🤣

Ivan Flaim says:

Che cazzo centrano le lenticchie ?

Paul Hatcher says:

We’re start with the smoked pancetta …

For the rest of us that means smoked streaky bacon 😂

Martin Smith says:

As a proud sous Italian chef at the Trattoria Pizzeria La Larrara in Naples, Italy, with many years of experience, this video makes me sad because that is not the way to cook lasagne. My family and I are offended by this.

_rdmc_ 18 says:


Shakeel G says:

What i do do is look at my ragu! The do do ragu recipe.

BlueForce Entertainment says:

No no no no! not pork!? :O only ground beef

mary A says:

How bless you and your family to enjoy great family and great food….😌Godbless!

coyotethefree says:

So I added all the ingredients to make this in the Sainsbury’s app. I’m up to £29.95 and I haven’t even got the canned cooked lentils or the smoked mozzarella because Sainsbury’s don’t stock either. They also don’t have minced pork shoulder…

Manuel l says:

2.40 min looked beautiful

Mohammad Saleh says:

3:32 he said do do 😂 😂

Fran NSh says:

Teflon is more about cheap old fashioned pans.. life has moved on! Lol.. probs in the US where things are a little bit old fashioned in terms of new technology… but in the U.K. and Europe those pans won’t be old fashioned ‘Teflon’ coated…

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