3 Must-Try Vegan Korean Recipes

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What’s a Korean dish that you’ve tried and love?

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J chan says:

Tried them all! Love the Kimchi Stew, already made Japchae twice! Thank you!

Giliann Karon says:

Tamari is a gluten-free alternative to soy sauce!

Clara says:

Does anyone know an Alternative for sweet potato noodles? I don’t like the texture

Sheri Zhou says:

didn't know I need to soak the frozen rice cakes priorrrrrr thanks Jasmineeeee

sg says:

Did I just read that right? Korean and Vegan in a sentence!!! that's the most delicious sentence I have ever read

Terri Juanette says:

This is amazing. I made Kimchi soup by guessing and this is mostly what I did. Yeah!

Preethi Sarvi says:

So this was what I've been seeing constantly in true beauty it's tteokbokki!

Shelley Verma says:

Wow YES thank you!!! I've wanted to try tteokbokki for the longest time and have been searching for a vegan way to try!! Thank you!! These recipes ALL look so so good.

Ams Tyquiengco says:

Oh my goodness!!! Thank you so much for these recipes and this video! I needed it! Yum 😋🇰🇷👏🏽🥢🎉🤤😁🍲

emcduffie916 says:

Can we talk about the spoon rest?!? Love it

1D Forever says:

i think curry is indian dish

Diogo Martins says:


Sogand Karimian says:

If God isn't real then why does Korean food exist?

Sophiieeluu says:

Great video!! I love her dress, does anyone have any idea where its from?

Ynes Sofia says:

Ooohh jasmines been losin some weight!!

Diana Fazel says:

I need more vegan Korean dishes recipes – another video is a must! 🙂

Nicole Skinner says:

I am truly dying at the kelp iPhone measuring technique hahahaha

Joy Herting says:

I have a question I want to make the stew for a friend but she's allergic to Soy she's not vegan, I was wondering what I could replace the tofu with? I love Japchae so much I actually made it two days ago. I have pictures of my daughter chowing down when she was like two, still one of her favorites years later. I made a huge batch for a potluck before quarantine started and Not only was it demolished but everybody asked to the recipe. I have a friend who is a Celiac that dropped by to surprise me and I had been making spaghetti sauce but I don't normally have any gluten free pasta on hand and I cooked up some of the sweet potato noodles and it was actually really delicious. I am so glad you'll be doing more episodes. This made my stomach started growling so much! I have an idea for another episode can you make homemade Fruit Roll-Ups or fruit leather using an oven.

Nur Widaningsih says:

watch it in the morning and make me so hungry

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