How to cook Tempeh in the classic way/Indonesian side dish || Tempeh || Tempe orek || VK37 #tempeh

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Tempeh or tempe is a traditional Indonesian soy product, that is made from fermented soybeans. Tempeh or tempe is a very popular in Indonesia so why you not give a try to make this dish? 🙂

Hi all,
Welcome back to my channel. This time i make a very classic side dish made from tempeh or tempe. Just give it try and maybe this food will be 1 of your fave dish.
Let’s cook with me.

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~In English~
Tempeh orek (Classic Indonesian side dish)
Ingredients :
– 400 gram Tempeh or tempe
– 1 spanish chili pepper (optional)
– 2 garlic cloves
– 1 salam leaf
– 3 lime leaves
– 2 slices galangal
– 1 teaspoon of sugar
– 1 spoon of sweet soy sauce
– 1 spoon of soy sauce
– Salt


~In Nederlands~
Tempeh orek (Klasiek Indonesisch bijgerecht)
Ingredienten :
– 400 gram Tempeh or tempe
– 1 Spaanse chilipeper (optioneel)
– 2 teentjes knoflook
– 1 salamblaadje
– 3 limoenblaadjes
– 2 plakjes galangal
– 1 theelepel suiker
– 1 lepel zoete sojasaus
– 1 lepel sojasaus
– Zout


~Bahasa Indonesia~
Tempe orek
Bahan-bahan :
– 400 gram tempe
– 1 buah cabe besar (optional atau sesuai selera)
– 2 siung bawang putih
– 1 lembar daun salam
– 3 lembar daun jeruk
– 2 iris tipis lengkuas
– 1 sendok teh gula
– 1 sendok kecap manis
– 1 sendok kecap asin
– Garam

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Kunga Dechen says:


TEH ICE TV says:

Good night good you conten thank you

brooklyn J says:

I miss my mom already😭👍 awesome!

امين توهاري says:

Bikin laper


tempek orek dari modal RP2.000 di potong tambah kecap goreng jadi tempek orek sungguh EZ
btw saya asli indonesia :v

Echy Purnama Sari says:

Ternikmat ni terimakasih sudah berbagi resep bun

Elizabeth Lankford says:

When I was a child, and growing up in Indonesia, fried tempeh was one of my favorite foods. It was just fried, with no other flavorings, except, maybe, salt. I loved it, but I was so sad when we returned to "The States" and couldn't find it anywhere. Lots of tofu, but no tempeh, and people looked at us like we had 3 heads if we asked for it. LOL. This was back in 1980, and I am thrilled to see that it is now something I can get! Yay!

BẾP NHÀ TƯ says:

You cook so well yummy

heru rochadi says:

Delicious dish for vegans.
Salam dari Bogor Indonesia, mbak

Pista's Kitchen says:

Delicious and Mouthwatering Stuff…

Just Loved it… Please share some with me, Well…
I've joined you, Hope you'll join me too

B49 Iyan Chanel says:

Wah mantap banget tempe kering nya

Spendless Recipe says:

Wonderful Presentation, easy to follow looks so tasty!
new friend watching from my kitchen in Canada, searching for inspiration

Itsme George says:

well done and explained.

Pink Gangsta says:

Make it dry and you can keep it for weeks. My secret weapon when I was student 😆


Simple cook but my laziness over the top and even this is my favourite vegan food

deviratna sari chaenal says:

look like very nice delicious..😉😉teman baru butuh bantuan kak 🙏🙏🙏🙏

Eggs and Flour says:

Nice and yummy recipe.

ABC Cooks says:

Looks delicious! 😋

Dapur Mamali says:

Begitu rupanya bikin tempe jadi cruncy. Biasanya pake tomat jadi lembek hasilnya. Terima kasih resepnya 👍

dapur bogor says:

tempe orek kesukaan ku

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