How to cook mushrooms properly

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This is a basic video which will show you the proper technique of how to properly fry mushrooms. Although you can cook mushrooms many different ways, this is a good basic skill to have.

These mushrooms were cleaned by gently wiping them with a damp paper towel before this video was made. Do not soak or wash mushrooms directly in or under running water, as they will absorb the water and take much longer to cook.

You can purchase the pan I’m using here

0:00 Introduction
0:25 How to cook mushrooms theory
1:22 Cutting mushrooms
1:36 Step 1 Getting water out
2:42 Step 2 Evaporating the water
4:18 Step 3 Frying the mushrooms
6:10 Seasoning the mushrooms
6:32 Finished product fried mushrooms

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Food Chain TV says:

First, thank you very much for watching this video and supporting my channel! Here are some answers to your frequently asked questions about this video:

Q: Can I just drain the water to make it cook faster?

A: Yes, you can. But why are you in such a hurry? If you concentrate the mushroom juices in the pan, you are left with more flavor in the end.

Q: Did you clean the mushrooms?

A: Yes, they were wiped with a damp paper towel before filming. I don't recommend that you wash them or soak them in water, as they will absorb water and will take longer to cook.

Q: Why did you add olive oil at the beginning?

A: Oil conducts heat, which heats up the mushrooms faster, and gets them to let go of their water faster.

Q: Why didn't you use butter?

A: Because butter has milk solids that can burn. So you would only add butter at the very end.

Q: Will adding salt at the beginning help the water come out faster?

A: Not really. What will get the water out of the mushrooms quickly is heat, not salt.

Q: Should I peel the mushrooms first?

A: These are baby Portobello mushrooms, you do not need to peel them.

Q: Is it OK to eat the stem?

A: Yes. You would only remove the stem if it's too tough or has too much tough fiber, which these did not.

Q: What kind of pan is that?
A: It's a non-stick Korean wok that I bought at a local Asian grocery store.

Glicksman1 says:

I make mushroom/butter sauce by cooking raw, cut mushrooms, lightly salted in lots of butter, tightly covered over a low heat. The salt is to bring out the liquid. After a few minutes, I strain the pan of all the liquid and put it in a bowl. I then put the mushrooms back on the hob to get whatever more liquid I can from them and strain them for it. When they are essentially dry, I finish cooking them pretty much as you do. I then use the mushroom-infused butter as the basis of a butter sauce over pasta. It's light and subtle but tastes like nothing else.

JD SHL says:

Guilty as charged. Going to try this tomorrow.

Jannes Friedrichs says:

Now I have to go buy Champions,😋🤤🤤 eventhough I had something else planed for dinner.

Ruth irwin says:

I usually pour the water out lol

Peter Allman says:

So what is the steam still coming off after stage 3? I instinctively do mushrooms this way anyway.

carl arthur says:

Love mushrooms 🍄 that's great , I'm going to try this next time , I could just eat that now 🍄. 😘

Warren Pouyer says:

Today's Grocery list: MUSHROOMS…! A nice Wagyu Steak, French Bread, Potatoes and Bananas Fosters for dessert. 😋🍌😋🍌😋🍌

Jeremy says:

I like your "basic" recipe since my mother put too much ingredients on every food.

terry blythe says:

68 and I have just appreciated how to cook a mushroom, I must have eaten boiled all my life. Cheers.

rosie ramos says:

thank you. I decided to check out "How to cook mushrooms" after eating soggy mushrooms or the 1 millionth time. Do you think a lot has to do with the pan as well?

Diego paul Lopez says:

Nice work, same goes to all vegetables. Proper technique is everything

Ad Deenen says:

I'm glad you use the accurate numbre three in sign language.

Reneejt1 says:

Wouldn’t they cook faster with a bigger pan?

Yasaflex says:

You cooked them perfectly, well done

Candance Linzay says:

I've been doing it wrong all these years. Thanks for posting!

Honest Chris says:

Oh yes, that is how I will cook mushrooms from now on. I am guilty of doing it wrong and wondering why my mushrooms were good but not perfect. Thank you.

Carbontech says:

I've seen a similar video, which followed the same points, but they sliced them and added butter to the oil.

I did the same and followed your temperature and timing guidelines. 10 minutes in and most of the moisture had evaporated. I was looking forward to the caramelization phase, but to my distress, the mushrooms, at about 11 minutes in, decided to entirely bypasses the caramelization stage and jumped directly to the carbonization phase. On the plus side, I have found a way to create decorative, mushroom-profiled, charcoal chips – perfect for those summer BBQ's, lol.

Obviously something went very wrong. Next time I try this I will follow your recipe, EXACTLY, and refrain from any improvisations on my part.

john clarke says:

Off topic, but what watch are you wearing? Thx

Rain Rain says:

I boil them whole first then fry them very tasty

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