Colleen Patrick Goudreau: Excuse-itarian to Vegan: Debunking the Myths of Plant-Based Living

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Full title is: Excuse-itarian to Vegan: Debunking the Myths and Misconceptions of Plant-Based Living

Presentation at the San Francisco Vegetarian Society 19’th annual World Veg Festival held on Saturday Oct 27, 2018. For more information, see: and


Vegan Games says:

I don’t eat a lot of eggs, meat and dairy, cause I’m a Vegan! ✌🏾

Vegan Todd says:

Posit this: why don't meat-eaters crave carrion?
They'll no doubt say, "That would be barbarian!"
The meat that's sitting on your plate
An unnecessary death, no debate
Choose vegan, stop being an excuse-itarian

Calico1111 says:

As eloquent, intelligent, clear-headed, and informative as always!!

Isabelle Zablocki says:

You need to be on Ellen.

Valerie Bardascino says:

This is so informative, Colleen. You make it easy to understand, you make it fun, and you have a great way of making people feel comfortable. And, oh, you are very funny! Thanks for sharing this brilliant presentation! ❤️😘 (heartfeltvegan)

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