Here's What Happens To Your Brain And Body When You Go Vegan | The Human Body

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Thinking about skipping out on meat and dairy? Going vegan is becoming increasingly more common, but is it actually good for you?

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What happens to your body when you go vegan?

Thinking of making the jump to a vegan diet? You’re not alone.

In your first few weeks, you may feel especially tired. Without meat, vegans often have a hard time getting enough vitamin B12 and iron, which helps make red blood cells and transport oxygen throughout the body. But it’s nothing a supplement or handful of nuts can’t fix.

You may also discover that foods don’t taste the way they used to. That’s because your zinc levels have taken a hit, affecting your overall sense of taste and smell.

On the plus side, expect to lose some weight right away! After switching, new vegans lost an average of 10 pounds over a 10 month period. Plus, a 2009 study found that average BMI was lower for vegans than all other diets.

Another benefit that you may experience is a healthy decrease in cholesterol, blood pressure, and heart disease risk. In 1999, a study showed that vegans were 24% less likely to have clogged arteries from saturated fat and cholesterol.

While your arteries are better off, your bones may not be. If you’re like most Americans who get their daily calcium from dairy products, you may see a dip in calcium levels.

But you can combat this simply by boosting your intake of kale, broccoli, and other leafy greens. Plus, cutting out dairy might make you more … regular. 60% of humans don’t have the enzyme to properly digest lactose in dairy. The result is cramping, bloating, and even diarrhea. Swapping dairy with high fiber veggies will make bathroom trips a lot more productive.

Like any diet, veganism has its pros and cons. Be sure to research and see which diet is best for you.


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Here’s What Happens To Your Brain And Body When You Go Vegan | The Human Body


why says:

i eat meat and i have no problem with vegans but i heard someone say "if you eat meat your going to hell"…


Yusuf Abubakar says:

Dr Awole is like a God in human form, I permanently got a complete healing after using the roots and herbs supplements I ordered from Dr Awole on YouTube for Eliminating my long term HSV 1&2

Lloyd Christmas says:

Vegan 11 years. Bloodwork has been good to great as I eat better in the last few years. I need more exercise though. With that being said, vegan is a lifestyle, so this video is really about a plant-based diet.

Peter Joyce says:

Am here to thank Dr Aluda on YouTube for helping me, I ordered and make used of his herbal supplement, now I no longer suffer from HPV.

Tom & Jerry says:

It's really not happen when you adopt vegan…It's sound good in theory but not practicable…Food decide your life style.. Being vegan you can spend a peaceful and satisfy lifestyle and this is the thruth.

NotSoCube845 says:

You see, vegans tend to feel better because they unconsciously think they're doing something for the planet. When they actually aren't lmaooooo beef forever

payton renynolds says:

iv been a vegetarian for 2 years now and never got tried i want to go vegan but im a kid and vegan is to much to ask for my mom already has to make a plat without meat every night for dinner

Rhenald Bayu Ardhi A. says:

Being a vegan is healthy. But the vegans are annoying asf

Not DJ Fatwee says:

i always think that the right reason for going vegan is not because of health, but because of compassion. People can live a healthy live whether becoming a vegan or not. if you live a healthy lifestyle, you can still be healthy even if you are not a vegan.

Toru Yama says:

Sadly i cant eat much veggies 😞

Aaron Hernandez says:

I actually felt more awake, cleaner inside, and more energetic when going plant based because i actually ate properly and did my research

Axis Arts says:

Going vegan actually doesn’t tend to affect calcium level lmao we actually have difficulty digesting calcium from dairy and we don’t get as much as the dairy industry would like us to believe. Calcium come from leafy greens without the digestion issues just because a carton of milk claims it has high levels of calcium doesn’t mean it’s actually being taken in from your body. Basically dairy isn’t meant to be consumed by humans and it’s incompatible with our digestive systems so this was not a good example. There are a lot of oversimplifications in this video, if you want legitimate information on the affects on cutting animal products listen to medical professionals who study in this field

Zach'sCombat says:

I love vegan

Ilona Stanko says:

I'm vegan for 8 yrs now, definetely one of the best ideas in life i had. Also onethink more when i drink cow milk, my bones were actually getting thinner, wbich lead to getting broken bones 3 times, now i drink bazelnut milk(it's delicious) and my bones are 100 better. Don' hesitate, become vegan. 💚🌳💓

Eersian theDwarf says:

cough leaky gut cough

Chaitanya mallipudi says:

Proud vegan from 1 year

Eric Cartman says:

I body runs on steak

Gregory M says:

Vegans are the most unhealthy people on earth. Forget it.

G. Dave3 says:

This vid is full of Disinformation, ‘’A Vegan diet is suitable for all stages of life including pregnancy’’( Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics )

G. Dave3 says:

B12 comes from Soil & Natural Water( lakes, Rivers etc) so because our water is now Chlorinated, Flouridated etc we can no longer get it from its natural source. Which is why Vegans have to supplement B12, as do animals in animal agriculture, as they too no longer get B12 from it’s natural source. Which is why ‘farmers’ have to supplement the animals, so meat eaters also get their B12 as a supplement but second hand after going through another animal, actually meat eaters get B12 deficiency more than Vegans. Re Iron a Wholefood plant diet is packed full of Iron AND VitC that aids Iron absorption. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics say ‘A Vegan diet is suitable for all stages of life including pregnancy’’. Also we have had healthy & fit Vegans in the UK for 80 years, who now have 3rd & 4th Generation of healthy & fit Vegan offspring! I’ve been Vegan for 35 years and have the blood pressure of a 20 year old and people guess my age at 35-40 and I’m 60!.

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