Ford Granada vs Volvo 240 – 80s Estate Battle! (1992 Granada Scorpio 2.9 V6 & 1985 240 GL Driven)

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A 1980s estate car gives you a taste of the classic experience we all love, but with the space and practicality to carry all the family and cargo you could ever need. But which is best, the old-school Volvo 240 or more modern Mk3 Ford Granada? This question was posed when both were new, such was their production overlap and today, with both cars of similar value. Courtesy of Stone Cold Classics, Paul decided to compare them.
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0:00-0:41: Intro
0:42-5:19: Volvo 240
5:20-8:14: Ford Granada Mk3
8:15-9:25: Which should you buy?

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Richard Tuppus says:

I’d say roadmaster estate if it didn’t have such ugly trim. I’d rather have that late model Regal wagon. Seriously though a 93-96 impala wagon had a lot more power, better handling, same gas mileage…assuming highway travel and I don’t mean traveling on the beltway instead of the surface streets. Highway isn’t about the type of road. It’s assuming no stop and go. It’s assuming not racing. The assumptions used to be common sense but in this last generation with no dad’s apparently it means a whole lot of different things. Oh, and it should go without saying CA emissions ruin the ability to get good mileage. When a CA emission 92 Civic 5 speed gets worse mileage than a 92 Plymouth 4 cyl 3 spd non overdrive automatic Federal…

Richard Tuppus says:

There’s plenty of used examples of Volvo 200’s and 700’s with half a million or more miles. Some with over a million. At least one 1800 with over 2 million. It depends on the quality of care and maintenance. There’s pluses and minuses with the mk and the 200. But the 200 wins longevity. If anyone is considering one I’d recommend an ‘86 or newer. Prior to’83 they didn’t have enough electronic diagnostic was more difficult. Plus they were b21 until 83 when the slightly more powerful b23 came in solid. Long story short I’d prefer an 87+ with manual transmission for the extra 4 hp lol. When you’re dealing with that much weight and that little hp you want every hp you can muster. Gear ratios were a little better in the 60’s and 70’s. They usually came with 3.73 for automatic and if you got the early 90’s bf230 with dual ohc 4.10 but then you had a whole new batch of issues. I’d avoid the early dohc 2.3 if it had more than 100,000 miles..unless you have abilities and patience and a big bank account. The 940 with the turbo was a far better choice even though you’d better run 91+ octane. I laugh out loud at these young technical writers that don’t know the difference between deep gears (4.10, 4.56, ) and tall gears (2.73, 2.56..). I’ve read soooo many reports from tech writers that just had no earthly clue what they were writing or how much they are misleading people that are depending on what they are writing to be valid. Context ignoring preachers. It would be so laughable if it weren’t so maddening.

amphilbey says:

Enjoyed this, spent a childhood in Volvo 240s as my father had them as company cars and loved them for towing, he then switched to a new Granada in 1986 and remember as a child how futuristic that was believe it or not! No guessing which one last longer though. They both look so small now on the road compared to moderns, guessing a current Mondeo estate is easily longer than the Granada.

Kiinell says:

The Volvo is a classy lady to take on a date and the Ford is the tart with a heart who wears too much makeup. I'm afraid I have to have both.

Uncle Gilbert says:

That Granada's interior looks so inviting.

David Randall says:

My 'new' '90 Volvo 240 wagon with injected 2.3 redblock and m47 manual needs some love (like every suspension bushing), but still is a great daily driver, with surprisingly comfortable seats.

Phil Newstead says:

Having owned both these cars back in the nineties I would have the Volvo every time. The reason they last better then the Ford is because they used thicker steel for the bodywork and had proper corrosion treatment unlike the Ford which had sufficient corrosion protection to see it through the six year corrosion warranty and Ford at least to its dealers was quite open about the fact they expected serious corrosion at seven to nine years. Fun fact the reason Swedish cars came with day running lights so long before everyone else was because they went over a weekend from driving on the left to driving on the right and after the change the government said that everyone had to drive with their headlamps an and discovered it was quite a good idea and never repealed it.

Zokusha Tech says:

That volvo is way cooler. Watch this video in another 20 years i bet that volvo is still running strong and looking good while that ford will be looking like a dinosaur

are vee says:

I'll take the Volvo, thanks. That Ford is overdone with those plush seats and fake wood.

Lyrical Kwame Partan says:

We have 2 best Cars in the world 1 Volvo 2 Volvo

The Greek Mancunian says:

Good morning from Mcr. I had a Granny back in the 90s as a student and I will still buy it now if I find one in fab condition

liamcinq says:

That volvo only has 48k miles.

28k for the Granada.

S110 killen says:

Volvo 🤗 🇸🇪

Karl XIV Johan says:

The Volvo 200-series was a 70's car

Tank Acebo says:

my first car is a 240 wagon. I've got a 289 ford on the bench that's planned to go into it when I get the time and the urge.

Nervo 63 says:

The interior of the Scorpio really does look plush…

Peter J says:

The Volvo harks back to when wagons were square and practical rather than trying to be rounded. I miss wagons like this.

albatrosnaval says:

Always Volvo!! My Father has one model 245GL from 1978. Gretings from Quilpue, Chile.

DoubleDeckerAnton says:

We had a 240DL 2.0 carb (choke), estate in signal red, back in '86-90. HAG432Y was the registration. Not sure what happened to it after 1990.
My parents said it was sportier than the later 740GL (injection) we had.

Dan23 7 says:

My dad has the scorpio saloon with the 2.9 cossie lump
It was rapid !!!

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